I would like to welcome you on behalf of all the academic staff to visit our website and we are excited that you planned to enroll in one of our medical courses. Our team anticipates taking you for 3 days work shop to refresh your knowledge before your exam, so that will help & support you in your S.L.E and practice. If you have questions prior to your registration, please call us, or send us an email, and we will answer your inquiries. We look forward to see you in our work shop.


We are a training company that includes a group of medical academic staff in most medical specialties (general medicine and most specialties, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing) in Saudi Arabia.


Our Company, in cooperation with the best academic staff, organizes regular workshops in most medical specialties to raise the efficiency of applicants to pass the medical exams in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the vision of the company to benefit from all academic staff inside and outside the Kingdom to provide a professional, good training to Medical staff who are working in the Kingdom . In order to ensure that our services are delivered to most of those who apply for a medical examination, they will be there Direct training through our center and later we will provide this service through this website.