"Live products" - an advertising trick or a real benefit?

Today, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the adjective "live", followed by nouns "fruits", "vegetables", etc. But ten years ago such a phrase would have caused a smile and some surprise. Now such an expression attracts a large number of consumers of live goods. That only does not happen alive: and beer, and milk, and cottage cheese, and cheeses. What makes the products live? How do they differ from inanimate "relatives"?Let's try to figure it out.

What are the living products of

Creators in the field of advertising are ready to give "live" properties to any product, no matter how comical it may seem. Most often, this marketing move is used to allocate its product against the background of such products. The consumer, who is under the impression of food scandals, swine flu, GMO and sodium glutamate and missed the natural food, often already at a subconscious level, "pecks" on live foods.

If you approach the concept of "live foods" officially, this term implies that this product inclu

des useful microorganisms that have a positive effect on digestion, the nervous system, and the state of the body as a whole.

Is it always useful to eat live foods?

It turns out that "living" products are not always useful, to some of their species there are a number of contraindications.

For example, it is not recommended to drink live beer to people who have increased gastric acidity. The fact is that, in themselves, the beneficial bacteria that live in beer, which are the same in the usual, but in the "live" they contain more, therefore, the fermentation activity is higher, it turns out that such beer is more irritating to the gastric mucosa. People who suffer from chronic gastritis, heartburn, peptic ulcer such beer is not at all useful.

Quite healthy people who consume live beer, may face another kind of difficulty - with dysbiosis. The quality of this beer sometimes leaves much to be desired. Beers with beer in the human body, the bacteria begin to displace from the intestine of its native inhabitants, after which they are accepted for active re-digestion of the contents. As a result, revolution in the abdomen. Certainly, in due course there will be a change of power, however after such "war" the organism will be restored about a week.

A similar effect has on the body live kvass. However, it is worth acknowledging, it is still more useful. The potassium and magnesium included in its composition have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Busting live kvass is guaranteed to lead to diarrhea. Keep in mind that live kvass, unlike usual, has a shelf life of 3 weeks. When buying such a product, pay attention to the date of its production. If you feel a distinctly sour taste when using kvass, it is in your best interest to give up the product, otherwise you risk the next one to spend in the toilet. Do not be guided by advertising, propagandizing live kvass drink, believe me, with kvass, he did not stand nearby. Smells like a drink like kvass, it is made from powder and water. The word "alive" sometimes turns out to be just a registered trademark.

It would seem there is nothing livelier than cheese with mold. Mold is a living organism, its vital activity manifests itself very markedly in the corresponding variety of this product. But do not forget that cheese is a product of animal origin, it contains a lot of fat, the abuse of which leads to an increase in cholesterol. The French consume a maximum of 50 grams of cheese a day. In the production of noble cheese, fungi of the genus Penicillium are used, so if at least once you have had an allergic reaction to antibiotics, it is better not to use cheese with mold. Even if you do not suffer from such an allergy, do not abuse this cheese if you do not want to face a dysbacteriosis. Antibiotics do not divide bacteria living in our body, good and bad, they just attack them all. Also, molds cause fermentation, therefore, in this case, you can also visit diarrhea.

"Live" advertising tricks

Live coffee means freshly roasted coffee. Experts say that coffee retains its properties only for 30 days after roasting. At the end of this time, useful trace elements are destroyed, only taste remains. However, according to doctors, in coffee beans rapidly degradable trace elements are simply absent. The same substances that are available retain their validity much longer. It turns out that the "liveliness" of coffee is nothing more than an advertising trick. If you are a supporter of live coffee, just fry the coffee beans at home. As a result, your coffee will always be alive, and useful, and invigorating.

Live oil is the oil of the first cold pressing. This oil is available to Russians for the past twenty years. All these years, many of us did not know that they use "live" oil. The oil of the first extraction is not subjected to thermal effects, therefore, it retains all its useful properties. This is what makes him "alive".Meanwhile, the same unrefined oil has a positive effect on brain work, on the heart, on the female reproductive system.

Now, as for live yogurt. This product is separate from microorganisms simply is not conceived, so that manufacturers are strenuously struggling to increase the number of bacteria per cubic unit of yogurt. If you compare yogurt with beer or with cheese, then it is certainly safer. However, here it does not do without "surprises".The shelf life of live yogurt is much shorter than pasteurized. Bacteria live only 2-3 days in it, no more. Often in the stomach, yogurt gets much later than this time. Many people use this product in order to solve the problem with a digestive disorder. In order to cleanse and improve their body, they eat yogurt in unprecedented quantities. Nutritionists are very skeptical about fasting days on live yogurt: as a result of overeating this product, there is the same discomfort in the abdomen, from which, in fact, they want to get rid of.

Living water is water that is extracted from an artesian well or spring, the composition of bacteria and microelements is different in each deposit. Mineral water from many producers is not extracted from the well at all, it is water passed through a filter, which rids it of all microorganisms. In this water, trace elements, salts are added, after which they are aerated. Harm from the use of such water will not, but for the benefit of especially you can not count. Only well water or spring water, as well as mineral water, spilled directly in the places of its extraction, for example on the KavMinVody, is able to heal and charge with live energy. On the Internet, of course, you can find a description of the well, the technological process of this particular brand, but is this necessary? It is possible that you already trust some particular manufacturer. Just keep in mind that this water is hardly from the spring. Most likely, you just work out advertising stunts.

Live flour means flour made from whole grain that has not been processed. As such, life in this product is absent, but it helps maintain the vital activity of beneficial bacteria living in the intestine. Regardless of whether the whole-grain bread is marked with the sign of "liveliness" or not, its use will do you good. An even better option is to bake the bread yourself."Live" flour does not belong to the category of any special products. If this were so, then one could "revive" sugar, rice, and buckwheat.

Live ice cream, live cottage cheese or yogurt called products made from live milk. In fact, milk is a seasonal product, in winter milk yields drop. Meanwhile, the amount of milk on store shelves remains the same. Perhaps this is due to normalization, pasteurization and other similar processes that prevent the souring of milk. Such milk can not be called alive exactly, it does not sour for half a year. Live milk is milk from under a cow, experts also call it raw. Is it possible to make ice cream from such milk? Yes, if the cold store has its own farm located in the immediate vicinity. The price of ice cream in this case would be simply prohibitive, in winter it would increase even more. If you are holding a package of live cottage cheese or yogurt, study everything that is written from different sides. The inscription "alive" simply can not refer to pasteurized products, therefore, the word "pasteurization" should already open your eyes to the true essence of this product.

Let's sum up: the concepts "live" and "natural" are not synonymous when it comes to products. Live foods are biologically active, but not always natural. He, as from consumers, requires caution and a sense of proportion, because it is not known how to behave this or that living product in combination with the traditional or with another living thing.

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