Fish in baby food

Children, who from an early age receive a variety of fish dishes, often succeed in school. Swedish scientists conducted an experiment in which about 4 thousand teenagers aged 15-18 took part. It turned out that the dependence of intellectual development on the amount of fish eaten is very significant. Fish, consumed from childhood at least once a week, improves speech and visual-spatial abilities by 6%.Swedish researchers said that the maintenance of fish in the children's diet leads to an improvement in mental abilities in 2 times. Therefore, it is desirable to eat it at least once a week.

The use of fish

Scientists, examining the diet of Eskimos, which includes mainly fish and seafood, came to the conclusion that it is their use that leads to a reduction in the risk of blood clots in the vessels. It has been revealed that the residents of the North almost never have heart attacks, psoriasis, strokes, or sclerosis. Scientists explain this by the large consumption of fish. Fish oils at low temperatu

res remain liquid, and therefore very similar to human fats and are easily digested. In fish oil contains a minimum of cholesterol.

Seafood and fish include special fatty acids, omega-3, which help maintain healthy arteries, they dilute blood and normalize blood pressure. Therefore, people who often eat fish rarely have heart attacks and heart attacks.

Fish are useful in diabetes mellitus. It contains taurine, a special amino acid that stimulates the secretion of insulin, which regulates sugar in the blood. Taurine is rich in shrimp, squid, cod, sea bass, krill, tuna and other ocean fish.

Fish dishes reduce the likelihood of asthma. There is evidence that children who eat fish 2-3 times a week are less likely to develop asthma than kids whose mothers did not include seafood and fish in their diet. It contains fat-soluble vitamins - D, C, A, E and Group B, as well as calcium, which strengthens the skeleton of the child, manganese, iodine, zinc. A lot of iodine in the bottomfish - flounder, cod, carass, catfish.

Sea fish in their tissues contain trace elements, important for thyroid diseases - iron, boron, fluorine, lithium, bromine. In freshwater representatives of such elements is less.

Pamper the kid with a fish before his birth

The diet of a pregnant woman should have a fish every week. It improves the visual acuity of future crumbs. Scientists from the University of Bristol found a connection between fish oil and the child's vision. It also accelerates the maturation of the nervous system of the baby. But fat fish should not be bought with kilograms. Enough and one fish dish every 2 weeks.

Fish for a small child: how much and when?

Fish are not immediately introduced into the children's diet. It starts giving crumbs from 9-10 months of age. This is a fairly allergenic product. Therefore, even children who are not prone to allergies, to give fish are allowed not more than once a week little by little.

Children with a tendency to allergies are introduced fish dishes very carefully, starting with a minimum dose of ½ teaspoon. To trace the reaction of the child's organism to the fish, give it in the morning. Together with the fish, try not to give any new products - vegetables, fruits, meat, juices. If the reaction does not occur, gradually increase the portion of the fish, it is sure to please the baby. They give it in boiled form or cooked for a couple.

Often the baby can react negatively to a certain type of fish, for example, only to the river or sea. So, if you have an allergic rash or redness in your baby's cheeks, take a break for a couple of weeks and try to give another fish again.

Godowsiku can already be given a toasted, baked or boiled fish from a common table. But it is carefully milled, choosing only the best pieces. They should be kneaded with a fork and pull out all the bones. But the soup on the fish is better not to give up to 3 years of age. There are not very many useful substances in the fish broth.

Fish purees in jars also contain herbal ingredients, vegetables or cereals. Fish in them only 10-20%.They are cooked mainly from sea fish - cod, hake, salmon, flounder, haddock, pollock, as well as from the river - carp, trout, pike perch, carp. Fish baby canned food contains vegetable oils( corn, sunflower, soybean, olive, rapeseed) and fish oil, useful for the brain.

Canned fish can be in the form of mashed potatoes. They are useful to crumbs 8-9 months. Children 11-12 months are already given large-milled fish purees, and 12-18 month old kids - fish pieces. It is better to give the crumb low-fat fish - pollock, pike perch, cod, but seafood and red caviar contain strong allergens, so only children over 3 years are allowed. They can already cook fish meatballs, cutlets, casseroles with fish and vegetables.

Choosing a fish for a baby

When buying a fish canned baby, pay attention to the timing and integrity of the jar. Stale fish can cause a number of diseases. Live fish should have a whole scales, pay attention to its mobility and fatness. A healthy fish has a fleshy rather than a pointed back, its pink gills move evenly. Chilled and frozen fish should also be carefully examined. It should have a dense structure, bright red gills, transparent and prominent eyes, shiny, smooth and even scales without traces of bruises and blemishes.

After defrosting meat from good fish is dense, does not lag behind bones, there is no unpleasant odor. Dish and dark becomes a fish, if it was defrosted several times. Do not buy it in trays or in the market, it is better to please your youngster with a fresh fish from the fish store, where transportation and storage conditions are not violated.

It is better for a kid to choose fish in the form of a whole carcass of deep freezing, without a head. Many mothers buy a frozen fillet for a child, but they can soak it in a solution of phosphate mixtures to give a good appearance.

Recipes for children's fish dishes

And finally, let's learn some delicious recipes of dishes with fish for kids.

Soufflé from fish( toddlers after 3 years old)

Ingredients: fish fillets( perch, salmon, hake, pike perch) - 250 gr, 4 eggs, 50 ml cream( 15-20%), dill, 20 gr.corn, 1 tomato.

Preparation: Rinse the fish and check for bones. Boil the fillet in salted water. Stretch it or cut into slices. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Mix the latter with fish, add dill and finely chopped tomato. Separately whip the whites, adding cream in them. Lubricate small forms with fat or oil, sprinkle with corn, lay the fish fillets and bake for 15 minutes at t = 180 degrees. On the baking tray, pour a little water from below, so that the fish souffle does not burn. Before serving, pour the fish with the beaten egg and cream and bake for 5 minutes. The souffle turns tender and airy.

Fish little bitches( for 2-3 year olds)

Ingredients: a slice of wheat bread, 150 gr.fillets of fish, a quarter of a glass of milk, a bulb, greens and salt.

Preparation: soak wheat bread in milk. Chop finely onion. Through the meat grinder, pass the bread and fish fillets, add the onion, egg, the rest of the milk. Form the round crochet. Send them to the steamer or lightly fry, and then let them be cooked in the oven. Serve with mashed potatoes, sprinkled with herbs.

Pancakes with fish( children after 3 years old)

Ingredients: all for the preparation of traditional pancakes, as well as fish fillets( 150-200 gr), greens, carrots( small), low-fat sour cream( 10-15%).

Preparation: fry classic thin pancakes, unsweetened. Separately prepare a fish filling. The fillet is boiled and chopped with a fork, add the separately boiled carrots and herbs. Pile the fillets of water salting. All mixed and seasoned with low-fat sour cream( incomplete tablespoon).We spin fish pancakes into pancakes.

Such delicious and healthy fish dishes will please not only the kid, but all your family. Bon Appetit!

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