Kasha - the best breakfast

To explain to the child why it is necessary to eat porridge in the mornings, it is quite difficult, because its competitors in the form of different kinds of sweets are more attractive than a mango or other milk mush. And not every adult guesses about the real benefits of porridge, replacing breakfast with sandwiches or coffee.

Than porridge is useful

In fact, porridge is a valuable storehouse of vitamins( especially group B), fiber, proteins and so-called "slow" carbohydrates, as they consist of cereals. Groats are a grain of all kinds and different methods of preparation. In addition, porridge is distinguished by its low calorie content. At least, until they are filled with oil and sugar.

The usefulness of breakfast is porridge is that it allows you to feel satiety for quite a long time, without creating a load on the stomach. Having breakfasted with porridge, you will not want to have a snack before lunch, and this is quite important while observing a diet, since it allows you to control the a

mount of meals and portions. Porridge also enriches the body with useful and nutritious substances and charges it with energy for the whole day.

Porridge porridge - strife

Depending on the type of porridge, their useful properties also differ. For example, semolina is finely crushed wheat, such porridge is well assimilated. It is quite low-calorie, like barley and barley cereals. Pearl barley is barley cereals without an outer shell, but "yachka" is a crushed barley grain, which may not be fully purified. Porridges are rich in both proteins and minerals, especially selenium, which strengthens the vessels, and, due to the substantial fiber content, the "ya" stimulates digestion and is even used to reduce weight.

Oatmeal belongs to a number of useful dietary groats. It is made from flattened oats. Like all cereals, porridge from oats is rich in fiber, as well as protein. Unlike most porridges, oatmeal faster and better can be satiated during breakfast, as it is faster prepared and easier to digest by the body. But when choosing oatmeal flakes, you should be careful, since processed flakes in packages marked "1 minute!" And others, do not have many useful properties.

Buckwheat is one of the most high-calorie cereals among all presented, but at the same time leads by the presence of useful trace elements such as magnesium, potassium and iron. Buckwheat is used as a whole, and in crushed, only in the latter case its name will be "crushed".

Rice is also diverse - long-grain and round-grain, represented from different countries and having different taste qualities. In any case, for breakfast porridges, white round-grain rice is more suitable for breakfast, which is cooked during boiling. This gum well envelops the stomach and protects it from the harmful effects of snacks of various kinds. But rice is quite caloric, so do not get too involved.

Millet, which we eat, we call millet. Porridge from such grain is very well assimilated, rich in protein and fairly low-calorie, like corn groats, which is known as polenta. Crushed corn grains contain enough vitamins of group B, A and trace elements, such as iron and silicon.

In its consistency, the porridge can be viscous and crumbly. They become viscous when cooking crushed grain on water, with milk or broth. Thanks to a large amount of liquid, they give a quick feeling of satiety, unlike crumbly porridges, from which the water is completely evaporated. You should correctly approach the choice of food for breakfast - if you have a busy day, full of cases and running around - give preference to viscous porridge. You will feel satiety throughout the day and will be able to completely surrender to business without thinking about snacks.

What can give porridge to our bodies?

It's worth remembering that not all cereals are equally useful. This can be determined by the presence of a grain envelope on the croup. It is in it that cereals contain more vitamins and minerals of grain, useful to the body, because the more groats are cleaned or crushed, the less useful it is. It is to such a manga - without porridge the porridge is absorbed more quickly, thus the feeling of hunger will quickly come.

Instant cereals, from individual bags, are also cleaned from the shell and virtually devoid of fiber. Since the cereals in them are steamed, there are no vitamins in such products. It is drowned out by additives like sugar, milk powder, thickeners and all sorts of flavors. It is necessary to know that oatmeal from bags is 3 times more calorie than ordinary cooked. Do not save time on your health!

How to cook porridge

Duration of cooking kash is different - oatmeal needs to cook for 15-20 minutes, pyshenky - about half an hour, and pearl bar - the longest - about 40 minutes. But it's possible to speed up the process by steaming croup from the evening. For this case, both a thermos and enamelware will fit. For some cereals, such as buckwheat and oatmeal, this preparation will be sufficient. In the morning you just add salt, sugar or butter to taste and your cereal is ready.

According to nutritionists, it will be most useful to have cereals cooked on milk, since cereals are best absorbed with dairy products. For preparation, you can use skimmed milk, the taste qualities of cereal, cooked in this way, will not lose anything. To add fat to the porridge, you can add butter. This, of course, will increase calories, but improve the taste of the product. For sweetness, many add sugar or honey to the porridge, but they can be replaced with sweet fruits or berries. In winter, you can use jam, jam, frozen berries or dried fruits, nuts. But do not forget about the high enough calories of the latter, because a couple of teaspoons will be enough to meet the daily rate.

Remember that porridge is the best breakfast for your body, which does not require unnecessary delights and time. Take care of your health! Kasha for breakfast is not only useful, but also tasty, especially if you add milk, honey or berries, nuts or dried fruits. Make variety in your breakfast every day.

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