Baby puree for baby

A newborn baby in the first months of life receives all the beneficial nutrients from the milk of the mother. But over time, this is not enough, as the growing body needs more carbohydrates, minerals, so they begin to introduce complementary foods, for example, in the form of baby puree.

There is a fruit and vegetable baby puree. First, puree based fruit is introduced. In fact, the mashed fruit for the baby is a sweet treat, a pleasant addition to the mother's milk, but vegetable mashed potatoes are more essential lures. Fruit puree can be given from 4 months, and the vegetable is injected no earlier than 5-6 months. With artificial and mixed feeding of the baby, baby mashed potatoes can be injected a week or two earlier.

How to prepare mashed potatoes with your own hands

Many mothers buy ready-made purees from fruit, but it's more profitable to make them for crumbs yourself, especially if you have your own garden. Although baby food from stores and pharmacies is very tasty and safe, as it

passes quality control. If you give the baby a ready-made purchase of puree, then check the shelf life and integrity of the package. The composition of puree should not include preservatives and dyes.

When preparing homemade puree for the child, use only seasonal fruits and berries, preferably from your own garden or garden. They are ground with a blender or wipe through a sieve, after removing the peel. First, the puree should be one-component, that is, made from one fruit. Start safely with apples of one grade, so that the crumbs do not start allergies. After the apple puree, if the baby reacts well to it, they give mashed potatoes from a pear. Mixed purees are introduced when the child gets acquainted with many fruits separately.

How to inject puree into the baby's ration

To enter the baby's diet, puree should be when he is absolutely healthy, starting with a tiny portion( half teaspoon).Give pureed immediately after breast-feeding. In the absence of an allergic reaction, the portion is increased gradually to a tablespoon, this is approximately 30 g of fruit puree.

Vegetable puree is not just an addition to breast milk, but a separate lure, which is gradually replaced by breast milk, stopping the feeding of crumbs. It is administered at a certain time every day, starting with ½ teaspoon, as well as fruit. For the first week, the dose can be increased to 30g, and for a month - up to 150g. First, puree is given, and then only breast milk. Fruit puree with the introduction of vegetables give another meal.

From the first vegetables the kid will be useful to eat easily assimilated broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini. And it is one-component. It is better to leave the mashed potatoes for later, since it contains a lot of starch. Puree from courgettes and cauliflower, potatoes and pumpkin mums cook themselves. To do this, vegetables are cleaned, cut into pieces and boiled. Cooling vegetables, they are wiped through a sieve or softened with a blender to get rid of the lumps that the baby can choke. Vegetable puree diluted with broth, which cooked vegetables, and once again bring the mixture to a boil.

Fruit and vegetable baby puree is a source of vitamins, useful micronutrients. This is the first step to weaning the child from breastfeeding and moving to a common table.

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