How to drink water properly

The human body consists of water more than 70 percent, so if the body loses water, it loses its vitality. Try not to limit yourself in drinking clean drinking water. Now it is about water, not its derivatives: coffee, juice, tea, etc.

Why it is important to drink water

On average, a person's body loses up to 2.3 liters of water per day - this amount depends on climate, lifestyle,physical activity. That is why it is necessary to fill every day these losses of water.

Water not only suppresses appetite, but also reduces the amount of fat deposits. If thirst arises, it means that the body lacks water, and it is necessary to take measures to make up for its quantity. If this is not done, then the body will keep every drop of water, which leads to edema.

At first, it is very difficult to recognize the lack of water. But after a while the person feels a breakdown, he lacks energy, irritability, anxiety, and headaches and mood worsening - these are the main signs that the body urgently needs life-givi

ng fluid. Most significantly, dehydration affects those people who work a lot at the computer and are physically active.

When a sufficient amount of liquid enters the body, it removes excess water along with toxins and slags. Water helps to cleanse the internal organs and blood vessels, which helps the body to keep muscles in a tone, and thus maintain its flexibility. In addition, water retains clarity of mind and takes part in the regulation of body temperature.

How to properly use water

  • You should use ordinary drinking water, preferably filtered;
  • it is better not to drink water that is heavily carbonated, because it only provokes a feeling of hunger and does not completely reduce it, since such water contributes to the formation of gastric juice;
  • every morning you need to start with a glass of water;
  • it is necessary to drink water in small sips, and in no case by volley. Always remember that our body absorbs only about 200 ml of water within 15 minutes;
  • requires that you always have a container of water;
  • if you want to eat, then drink water, because very often we take thirst for hunger;
  • in water can add a little lemon juice - this will help prevent many diseases and also promotes the breakdown of fats;
  • try not to drink directly after a meal, but give full value to your stomach, but after 2-2.5 hours you can drink to health;
  • accustom yourself to what you need to drink after going to the toilet;
  • every hour( or 30 minutes) take a break from work and drink a little water;
  • try to gradually drink water before, during various physical activities and after them;
  • before drinking water it is necessary to stir it in a glass or shake a bottle of water;
  • , hang a reminder throughout the apartment that you need to drink water. If you have to work a lot at a computer, put water near you, and once the container is empty, fill it again.

Actually, it is not difficult to use water correctly, especially if it becomes a habit. To understand how much water you need per day, you can use the recommendations of nutritionists and calculate the right amount. So, for 1 kg of weight should drink no less than 0.04 liters of water. It is this amount that will help not only to purify the body, but also to lose weight.

Also remember about juicy vegetables and fruits that contain not only water, but vitamins and fiber.

Fruits and vegetables that contain the most water

  • cucumbers, lettuce - 96% water;
  • radish, celery and tomato juice - 94%;
  • asparagus, green beans - 93%;
  • strawberries - 90%;
  • watermelon - 92%;
  • papaya - 89%;
  • oranges - 88%;
  • artichokes - 87%;
  • apples, peaches, raspberries, apricots - 84-85%;
  • kiwi - 83%.

Among other things, every woman should know that the skin requires a lot of moisture. Water relaxes and nourishes the skin, makes it supple and elastic, and this is not to mention the enormous impact of water on the health and beauty of women in general.

So drink water for health!

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