What products do not mix?

It's no secret that everyone loves to eat tasty. But someone gives preference to traditional dishes, and someone has a craving for something extraordinary, combining seemingly perfectly "uncombined" products. So sometimes culinary masterpieces are born, and sometimes. ..

Products are compatible and incompatible, well combined and absolutely incompatible. And it's not even about their taste. It turns out that there are combinations of products that are not only not desirable, but they simply need to be avoided in order to preserve their health.

Popular incompatible products

From the combination or simultaneous use of which products should be discarded?

  • Green tea and milk. The fact that green tea is very useful, if not all, many know. But the cultivation of this curative drink with milk or cream reduces to zero all its useful properties.
  • Kiwi and yogurt( kefir).This exotic product is often added to different milkshakes. But a special enzyme, which is contained in kiwi, promotes the
    decomposition of milk protein and gives the drink a bitter taste.
  • Herring and milk. These products, used at the same time, lead to oxidative reactions, causing eventually the curdling of the dairy product. Most will get rid of a banal stomach disorder, but for someone it can lead to severe poisoning. Olive oil and its heating. Olive oil is rightfully considered the most useful of vegetable oils. But all of its "usefulness" is manifested exclusively in a cold form. Even with insignificant heating, most of its useful properties instantly evaporates. What can we say about frying on it! The best way out is simply to dress olive oil with different vegetables or salads, but it's definitely not worth heating it. Melon and milk. By combining these two products, many were frightened when they were young. And not in vain. Prolonged frustration of the digestive tract who wish to experiment will be provided.
  • Cola and alcohol. Cola itself is harmful to health. And in combination with alcohol in the body the reaction starts, which leads to the fact that a number of biochemical processes can be disrupted.
  • Eating any fruit for dessert. If you can not stand even a half-hour break between the adoption of main dishes and eating fruit dessert, the rotting of fruits will begin directly in the stomach. After all, even a person who has an ideal digestion needs time for digesting hot dishes. Beer and peanuts. It seems to be an ideal combination for beer lovers. In fact, this combination deprives peanuts of its beneficial properties and leads to an unpleasant sensation of heaviness in the abdomen.
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