How to learn not to rush while eating

The habit is slowly very important for well-being, normal digestion and weight normalization. It often happens that a person eats very quickly, without feeling saturated, and only after a while realizes that he has overeaten a lot. Naturally, the whole surplus is then deposited on the waist. The thing is that the signal about saturation comes to our brain only after 20 minutes from the beginning of the meal. Therefore it is very important to stretch the time of food and slowly enjoy each piece.

So, what can you do to accustom yourself to eat slowly? Try to follow the following tips.

  • Eat using a knife, and slowly, cut food on a plate before eating. It will slow down the meal and satiety will come faster.
  • Try to eat soup with a small spoon - small portions will not allow you to swallow all the food at once.
  • Do not deploy food in advance. For example, if this is a fruit, clean it slowly, and if chocolate, then candies will be preferable to chocolate bars, because as long as you turn eac
    h candy, the feeling of saturation can already come.
  • Eat Chinese chopsticks. Have you ever wondered why among the Chinese there are almost no full people? The secret is simple: try to eat a lot, chopsticks. A lot of food can not be seized at once, and if in addition you are not a professional in handling them, then the meal will certainly not be quick.
  • If you are right handed, try holding the device in your left hand, and vice versa.
  • Sometimes you can eat in front of a mirror, so you will see yourself from the side, and therefore, watch how you look during a meal. People tend to worry about the impression they make, so believe me, the rate of food intake will immediately slow down.
  • Always eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Studies have shown that if a meal passes in a noisy room, then a person tends to eat more than necessary.
  • How many of us like to sit in front of the TV with a plate of something tasty? Or another option is to eat while reading a book. Both that and another is harmful to our health, since it completely switches attention to another object, and we, without noticing that, eat twice as much as necessary. Try never to do this.
  • Finally, try to chew very slowly, counting to fifty. After swallowing, wait a few seconds before continuing. This method will teach you to slow food and reduce the burden on the stomach.

Try to observe at least some of these rules and you'll see that a leisurely meal quickly becomes a habit.

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