Bad dishes

So that the soup does not consist of all the elements of the periodic table, the housewives need to know what kind of dishes it is permissible to cook, and in which it is not. Currently, there are 5 types of dishes, which can hardly be called healthy. Below is their description - from less harmful to really dangerous.


More often it can be seen in the kitchen of aesthetes. No one will argue with the fact that watching slow-opening tea petals in a transparent teapot or boiling borsch in a glass pan is a pretty pleasant experience. This dish is very beautiful and even useful in some ways, but only on the condition that it was made without technological disturbances. Otherwise, it can "explode" and cover the hob, microwave or table with the smallest pieces of glass. If it is improperly tempered, sooner or later it will happen, and quite unexpectedly. To minimize the risk, when buying glassware, you must always ask the seller for a certificate of quality, which guarantees the safety of the goo



A steel pan with a heat-resistant enameled coating could be considered safe, if not for its. .. fragility. Often such utensils in the process of exploitation are damaged in the form of chipped pieces of enamel, in the place of which dark spots appear. It is nothing more than metal reacting with food. Soup, potatoes, porridge - any dish cooked in a saucepan is enriched with iron. In small doses of harm it, of course, will not bring. However, daily use of damaged enamel dishes will cause the liver and kidneys to strain to the limit, because they will have to constantly remove excess iron from the body.


Despite the assurances of plastic dishware manufacturers in its full suitability for food, do not forget that it's still chemistry. For example, polystyrene serves as the material for disposable cups, as indicated by the marking on their bottom - PS6.This kind of plastic is only for cold drinks. These cups are suitable except for water, but hot drinks( cocoa, tea, coffee), as well as alcohol will cause the release of toxic substances.


Many housewives prefer this dish because it practically does not burn anything. But there is one unpleasant fact: when reacting with soda and salt chemically, aluminum releases toxic substances that are very harmful to our liver and kidneys. Therefore, you can prepare porridges in aluminum dishes only without salt. It is also suitable for cooking eggs or potatoes in a uniform. And it is absolutely unacceptable to leave a cooked dish in an aluminum pan for several hours or for the night.


This is the worst thing that can be in the kitchen. Products easily absorb the formaldehyde liberated by it, and in large quantities. There are many cases when melamine tableware became the cause of serious poisoning.


Take care of your family's health? Then buy ceramic or earthenware - long familiar and most harmless.

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