We choose multivarku

Multivarkas firmly occupied the leading position in the market of kitchen appliances - this is indicated by the growing sales figures for goods. The explanation is quite simple: a multivark is a truly unique, versatile device that can replace several types of household appliances: rice cooker, bread maker, pressure cooker, cooker and steamer. Cooking in a multivariate is easy and simple, we must try very hard to make the dish burned or spoiled in some other way.

To date, most housewives do not yet have this kitchen appliance, which has emerged solely thanks to new technologies. But very many people think about buying it. And, of course, about which multivark to choose.

What is the multivark

As already mentioned, the multivarker allows you to cook in a variety of modes, for the use of which previously had to buy several types of equipment. Thanks to this, it saves a lot of money. Almost all multivarks allow you to cook in baking, quenching, cereal or pilaf modes, steaming. A classic multivarker sh

ould include all of the listed functions. However, there are quite cheap models with limited capabilities on the market. But most models, even inexpensive, include many more functions and standard cooking programs.

Multivarka consists of the following main parts:

  • body with a lid, made on the principle of a thermos, that is, allowing long to keep the heat;
  • bowl, in which all the dishes are prepared;
  • heating element and control unit integrated in the housing.

In addition, multivarkes are equipped with a variety of additional devices, the most common of which are:

  • steam cooking container;
  • measuring cup( "multistakan");
  • various spoons and spatulas necessary for cooking, usually plastic.

Heating elements are heated by means of heating elements. In expensive models, multivariate can have several heating elements, which can be placed not only from below, but also from above, and from the side. There is a steam valve in the lid. It allows you to monitor the pressure in the device. The control unit includes a microprocessor, a timer, a screen and control buttons.

Multivark can be compared to a pan that has a heating element. The principle of operation is similar to cooking on the stove. However, when cooking on a stove, a significant amount of heat is lost. At multivarka, the efficiency is much higher and therefore, in comparison with an electric stove, it allows you to save very much electricity during cooking.

Using the multivark, you will need to lay products, select the desired program. When cooking is complete, the appliance signals. Most recipes for the multivarker use its standard programs, built precisely on this principle: "put, turned on and forgotten", and it is thanks to this that the dishes can not be spoiled during cooking. But also in those cases when it is necessary to interfere with the cooking process, the multivarer in many ways facilitates the work.

Note that cooking in a multivark is not a quick process. As a rule, the cooking of similar dishes takes considerably longer than on a gas stove or in the oven. But this is more than compensated by the fact that you do not need to constantly stand near the saucepan and watch that nothing burned out and did not run away. The multivariver simply will not allow this: "I've switched on and forgotten"!If, of course, the mode and the cooking program are correctly selected.

Choosing the parameters of the multidisk

When choosing a multivark, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. First it is necessary to determine the choice of necessary functions. Note that almost all, even the simplest, models of multivarieties have programs that cover the overwhelming majority of needs that arise "in everyday life."However, check whether the model you have chosen supports such modes as steaming, stewing, frying( or baking).Without them, you will be substantially limited in opportunities. But whether it is worth overpaying for functions such as deep frying or a pressure cooker mode - decide for yourself.
  2. The second important indicator is the power of the device. Should I choose a model with a large capacity? Yes, high power provides more different possibilities, but it will not accelerate( or accelerate very insignificantly) cooking in, for example, modes like quenching, steaming or pilaf. At the same time, more powerful multivarks cost significantly more. In the vast majority of cases, the power is up to 800-1000 watts.
  3. The volume of the bowl is also very important. It can be very different: from two to ten liters. You need a volume that will be enough for cooking the whole family. The volume of four or five liters is the most popular size. For a family of three - four people such a multivark will be enough.
  4. Of the additional functions, you can note the delay timer start.
  5. The heating function will help keep the dish hot or warm it up at the set time.
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