Choosing an oven

Nowadays it is no longer the news that the pledge of a deliciously prepared meal is the correct heat treatment. And the temperature, the type of heating and the duration of cooking are among the main factors that ensure this function. And that's why the ovens are becoming more and more popular among the owners, who love to cook.

This kind of kitchen equipment is simple enough, and its use does not even give ordinary culinary special difficulties. But progress does not stand still! And with it, and the ovens become more and more perfect, "smarter", more functional. And when there is a desire to create a culinary masterpiece, followed by difficulties in choosing the same model. After all, the new potential assistant must fit in all parameters in the place where it will be installed. Many of the factors will be important here.

Gas or electric?

Gas cabinet is more convenient in a gasified house because it saves a lot on its own operation, it is not very expensive, it has a rapid heating to the

desired temperature. But to control the oven with this method of heating is not so easy. And the damage from combustion products takes place.

Another option is an electrical cabinet. It is rich in various functions: it is able to control the circulation of heat, optimizes the cooking process, time costs are minimized. But on the other side of the scale - its considerable cost and high power consumption.

Do not chase after a lot of functions.

The choice of the oven in terms of functionality is completely dependent on the innumerable culinary fantasies of the hostess herself. A feature only is that the price will grow depending on their set, and sometimes even unjustifiably. Yes, and not keep up with all the functions - their number is growing from year to year.

In this case, almost everything, even the most inexpensive cabinets have a set of functions that covers 90, if not 99% of the needs arising from daily cooking. So, decide for yourself whether it is worth overpaying for opportunities that you, perhaps, will never be needed.

Important trifles

It is necessary to provide, as will be located the cabinet in relation to the hob. It will be dependent( the location immediately below the panel) or autonomous( speaks for itself - can be sheltered in any convenient place).

The most important thing, determined by the choice of the oven, is to think about such moments as the safety of the device. In a gas oven, it is desirable to have a "gas control" system, buying an electric one - check to see if the electrical network of the apartment will withstand an impressive load of between 2100 W and 3400 W.

Oh yeah! When choosing an oven, do not lose out with color, size or shape. Do not forget that the cabinet design plays a huge role, as it has to emphasize and complement the style of the kitchen.

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