Food processor - an indispensable assistant

The basis of any kitchen is a refrigerator, sink( sink) and a cooker. Scientists even calculated what is most convenient when in the kitchen these objects are arranged in the form of a triangle. But there are a lot of other assistants, which facilitate the cooking process and significantly reduce the amount of time spent.

One of these assistants is a food processor. In the usual way, it combines the functions of a mixer, graters and knives for vegetables, fruits, cheese, juicers or blenders to grind any products. But today there are much more options for completing and quality of components.

The main characteristics of the food processor

The motor: speed and power

The most important part of the combine is its heart, the motor. It is responsible for the speed of rotation( assuming one or several speeds) and the operating time of the combine.

Inexpensive models are more likely to have the same speed and for a long( more than 10-15 minutes) continuous use will heat up or even stop. At

a higher cost, the harvester can assume up to 7-10 speeds and uninterrupted operation for a long, almost unlimited time.

Bowl: material and volume

The next most important part is the working bowl. It can be made of plastic, glass or metal. Metal is more resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. Manufacturers also try to pick up a material that does not cause oxidation. More common are plastic bowls. They are also shockproof, resistant to temperatures( you can mix foods still hot, pour boiling water or leave the mixture in a bowl in the freezer) that carry the dishwasher.

No less important is the volume of the bowl. It must be chosen according to its needs. At large volumes of cooking, one should choose a bowl more. But we must remember that in a large bowl it is difficult, if not impossible, to process small( 1-2 servings) volumes of products.

Dimensions and way of storage of nozzles

Also it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the device and the way of storing attachments and removable parts. They can be stored compactly in the combine, or they have to separate a shelf for them.

Nozzles and functions

Now it remains to choose the necessary set of attachments and functions.

  • Knives are designed for chopping, chopping, cooking stuffing, usually made of stainless steel. There are plastic knives for kneading dough.
  • Graters perform the function of rubbing, shredding products. Depending on the size and shape of the holes, the degree of grinding and the shape of the chips is different. There is a nozzle for cutting discs, or brusochkami( for French fries or chips).
  • Juicer, is for citrus( centrifuge) or any vegetables( universal).
  • Beater for whipping, kneading hook, blender nozzle will mix or liquid mass( mayonnaise, cocktail) or dough of different density. Sometimes for cocktails a separate bowl-shaker is supposed.
  • The mill nozzle grinds any grains or other dried solids to dust.
  • Nozzle-mincer, or additional components that turn the combine into a meat grinder.

Of course, the more functions a harvester can perform, the higher its cost. Choose a combine with the set of options that are most often used in your kitchen. A free time can be spent with greater benefit and pleasure!

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