Home bakery

Today it became fashionable to follow the rules of healthy eating. And since in Russia bread is everything to the head, its quality should not cause the slightest doubt. In this case, bread should be tasty and useful. But is it the case with the store's bread?

For those who do not care what to eat, and who wants to diversify their menu, there is an excellent solution - a home baker. The home appliances market offers many models of bread makers in different price ranges - everything depends on priorities: reliability, durability, beautiful design, a large number of programs, economy, special features, metal quality, fashion brand and many other factors. How can you choose the most suitable one in this variety?

Options for baking

The standard bakery consists of the body itself with a heating element and a bucket with a shovel. Most models are equipped with a measuring cup, measuring spoon, a book of recipes for baking.

Some models have two compartments for baking different kinds of bakery

products simultaneously, an automatic dispenser for adding ingredients, and additional blades for kneading the dough. In addition to baking bread, you can brew jam and compote in separate bakeries, as well as knead the dough.


The control panels in the bakery basically have the following keys: the menu( the program numbers are displayed), the size( bread size selection), the timer( the start delay for a certain time), the crust color( light, medium, dark), start(start the program), stop( stop the program).

How to bake bread in a breadmaker

Bake bread in a home bakery will not be difficult. To do this, you only need to adhere to the recommended formula.

Normally, dry yeast, flour, and, last but not least, pour liquid into the baking container. On the control panel select the program, the bread size depending on the number of components, the desired color of the crust, the timer( if necessary), and press the "Start" button. And then the process of kneading, rending and baking bread occurs automatically, without outside interference. And after a certain period of time the bread maker will enjoy a fresh, fragrant and very tasty homemade bread.

Bon appetit!

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