How to choose a mixer

The mixer in the kitchen is indispensable, it simplifies the cooking process and saves the time of the housewives. The stores offer a huge selection of mixers. How to choose this helper for the kitchen? To do this, you need to know what types of mixers are, and compare their main characteristics, and when choosing to take into account all the minuses and pluses of each model. Mixer and blender: what's the difference?

First you need to understand the difference between a mixer and a blender. Blender is equipped with sharp blades, through which not only turns the products into a homogeneous mass, but also grinds them. The mixer is only for mixing and whipping the components.

Stationary and hand mixers

There are mixers manual and with a stand. The first models are more compact and more convenient for use anywhere in the kitchen. The second - better and faster.

The mixer model can be defined visually. Hand mixers are made without a stand, in their kit includes several baits. And stationary

- go along with the bowl. They do not need constant supervision, they do not need to be kept in their hands all the time, but you just need to fill the components in the bowl and turn it on. Such a mixer mixes everything himself, and the landlady can do other things.

The choice entirely depends on the buyer and his financial capabilities. You must decide how easy it will be for you to cook. If you intend to control the process and keep the mixer in hand, then there is no point in overpaying. After all, stationary mixers are more expensive and also require more space in the kitchen. In comparison with stationary, the hand mixer is easy to wash and dry.

But if you decide to buy a stationary mixer, then pay special attention to its size. It is best to buy a mixer with a large bowl of 2-2.5 liters. In expensive mixers, not only the nozzles rotate, but also the bowl itself, which makes the process of mixing products more qualitative.

Mixer speed

Mixing speed is also affected by the speed of the mixer. High-speed modes can be several. As a rule, this is of the order of three to five speeds. But in more expensive models, they can be up to 12. If you need to quickly and often mix and whip food, then find a mixer with "Turbo Mode".

Material and nozzles

After you have decided on the mixer model, it is necessary to pay attention to the material and quality of the nozzles that come with the mixer. The most durable and high-quality are stainless steel nozzles.

When buying, it is necessary to inspect the mixer housing carefully, as well as to find out the terms of the warranty and the operating rules.

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