Soup diet

If you want to quickly get rid of a couple of extra pounds, spend a few days on a soup diet. It does not require the preparation of complex dishes or fasting.

Of course, there are light soups, and not boiled borsch. You will need a vegetable first dishes, stimulating the work of the intestines and normalizing metabolism. Another plus is the high content of nutrients. Such a diet is good not only for efficiency, but also for the body.

How to prepare diet soups

If you are considering how to make soup for unloading, then discard doubts: right now you have the opportunity to experiment with overseas delicacies. For example, an avocado is suitable for use in a variety of exotic soup options.

For those who do not want to go on expenses, seasonal vegetables are perfect. With proper storage, they do not lose their properties for a long time, so put carrots rich in carotene, cabbage, which is a real storehouse of potassium and iron, in the soup, add the potatoes. However, the latter is undesirab

le to abuse, so this ingredient should be present in the minimum amount.

To prepare a tasty and useful soup, a number of tips will help you:

  • vegetables are preferably placed in boiling water to store most of the nutrients;
  • do not digest components;
  • discard the soup-puree;
  • if you can not do without salt, at least reduce its consumption to a minimum and a solitaire dish at the end of cooking.

Bonn soups made on the basis of celery, cabbage and onions are often used. But in this case you are free to adhere to your own preferences.

Features of soup diet

Cooked vegetable soups can be consumed without restrictions, once you want to satisfy hunger. The diet can be varied with fruits, herbs, boiled lean meat( up to 100 grams per day) or rice cooked on water without salt or with a minimum of its quantity. As drinks you can use teas, natural juices and water.

To get out of the diet should be phased, gradually increasing caloric content and introducing new dishes for several days.

Separately, it is necessary to raise the question of the duration of such a diet. Despite the fact that sometimes it is recommended to be observed for a couple of weeks, such a diet, observed for longer than two to three days, will become a huge stress for the body. If a short interval will only benefit, then a sustained diet with soups can harm, so do not seek to lose weight at any cost.

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