Harmful Diets

All over the world, perhaps, there is not a single girl and a woman who would be completely satisfied with her appearance. And if some plastic surgery frightens, they are quite expensive, then diets are the most common form of figure correction that you can do yourself. Therefore, the fair sex at least once, but used this method of losing weight.

But before you start losing weight, you should know that any diet is a strong stress for the body, and some of them will help to lose excess pounds, but the price will be too high. Have to pay with health.

So what should beware of?

  1. Monodiet - its essence lies in the fact that the entire diet will consist of a single product. The result, of course, will be, the weight will decrease, but the stomach will suffer, up to the rejection of other products. Duration not more than 5 days, however, within such a short time the body can not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, there will be problems with hair, nails and teeth.
  2. Fasting is the most radical way to lose weight. In pursuit of a slender figure, you can get intoxication of the body due to metabolic products. The body begins to feed on its reserves, and this is fraught with the accumulation of under-oxidized and by-products of metabolism. Some not only starve, but also stop drinking. As a result - dehydration. If you connect it and toxicosis, then the hospital bed is the most logical conclusion of such a hungry diet.
  3. Protein diet, it eliminates the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Hateful pounds will begin to go away, but stones in the kidneys will appear, except for them the constant companions will become headaches. The people around will begin to notice the unhealthy, gray complexion, and the breath will become stale. For women, such an experiment can result in infertility.
  4. Raw food - this diet is quite common and popular, there are only products that can not be heat treated. There will be no particular harm from fruit and vegetables, but the result can also stay at zero.
  5. Drinking diet - its essence boils down to the fact that you can use everything only in liquid form, even salads and soups should first go to a blender. It is also important to ensure that everything remains low-calorie. The gastrointestinal tract suffers from such manipulations, its work is disturbed, constipation or diarrhea occurs, digestion and absorption of food are disturbed. If we take into account that it takes 30 days to eat, then this is the direct way to the hospital room under the dropper.
  6. Tablets to help. Unfortunately, dietary supplements are popular, although everyone talks about their harm. The feeling of hunger will be due to them, but the nervous system will be broken and will get dependence on the drug.

In pursuit of an ideal figure, many people put their health at stake, and this should not be done. You just need to eat right, balance the diet, lead a healthy lifestyle, give up harmful habits, and the problem of excess weight will become irrelevant. Of course, kilograms will go slower, but health from this will not suffer at all, and even will win.

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