Unloading days: pros and cons

Many women are worried about the problem of maintaining a slender figure. However, not everyone succeeds in doing this, after numerous diets extra pounds are recruited again, along with it, and a feeling of lightness in the body disappears. And the patience for compliance with new diets is enough, at most, for one day. What to do in this situation?

There is a way out - you need to use this one day. You will get health benefits and figures, and you will not look every day with envy and anger at your family members, with an appetite eating up your dinner. It's enough 1-2 days a week.

Who needs unloading days?

Those who eat balanced, the imbalance in the diet is unlikely to benefit, especially if they do not suffer from excess kilograms. But, if there is a propensity to fullness, or excess weight, such days will be very useful.

During this day, the body gets a shake, which leads to rapid combustion of subcutaneous fat and the removal of excess fluid. A person can lose a day before a kilogr

am of excess weight.

On the pluses of unloading days

They help not only in the fight against excess weight, but also give the digestive system a rest. The intestines are easier to empty and remove toxins, the kidneys and liver are cleaned, all this leads to the disappearance of allergies and skin condition improvement. Regularly conducted unloading days allow to solve such a difficult task for many - to maintain a healthy weight, achieved with great difficulty.

How should the fasting days of

be conducted? Before starting such days it is better to consult a specialist and plan them taking into account your age, health status, the number of extra pounds and other factors that only a doctor can evaluate.

During the fasting day, adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not allow the combination of unloading with hard work, it is better on this day to get distracted from thoughts about eating pleasant pursuits or a walk.
  • You should not overeat at dinner on the eve of a fasting day and the morning after it, or the result will be the opposite.
  • You need to drink enough fluids.

About consoles of unloading days

It can be constant thoughts about food and, as a consequence, a bad mood, reduced performance, broken sleep. However, it is not so difficult to cope with this if you initially tune into positive thinking and rejoice that your body gets unloaded and relieves itself of excess toxins and kilograms.

Examples of unloading days

On the links below, you will find examples of various, fairly effective unloading days. Choose the one that you prefer, but rather pick a few and alternate them.

  • Unloading day on vegetables.
  • Cottage cheese-free day. Apple Day Discharge Day.
  • Unloading day on a persimmon.
  • Unloading day on yogurt.
  • Chocolate unloading day.
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