How not to poison yourself in your own kitchen

Do you think that your kitchen will never become dangerous for your stomach place? Well, if that's the case, but how sure are you that you always cook without mistakes?

The main cause of food poisoning is an infection, which in one form or another can penetrate into food. And sometimes we involuntarily help her in this.

The first mistake is wrong cooking of meat and fish.

Such food is a wonderful place for the most dangerous bacteria, you can get rid of them only by observing the strict rules of cooking.

To be sure that the meat you cook( bird included) is completely safe, remember that the outside temperature of pork and steaks should be at least 70 degrees, lamb and veal - 75 degrees, and birds - 80 degrees. Punching a piece of meat with a fork, you should see only light golden juice without red impurities.

Fish will be safe when it does not stick to the fork and looks opaque. Shrimp should be cooked so much to become sturdy and pink. Oysters and mussels should be allowed to boil

for 4-6 minutes, so that they swell and become cloudy.

The second mistake is undercooked eggs.

Salmonella is the best breed in chicken( and not only) eggs. If you are a lover of soft-boiled eggs, forget about it and cook them hard-boiled( cook for 5 minutes).The omelet will be ready in 7-8 minutes, and fried eggs - after it becomes completely opaque.

The third mistake - improper storage of food

You cooked food, but forgot to clean it in the refrigerator? This is only raw vegetables and cereals can be at room temperature for a long time and do not deteriorate, but if they went through heat treatment - everything changes. Ready meals should be stored in the refrigerator under a tightly closed lid.

Fourth mistake - insufficiently processed fruits and vegetables

Do not want to get pathogenic microbes with your apple or carrot? Then before serving or before putting them to cook, be sure to rinse them in running water( still fresh).This is especially true for any root crop.

The fifth mistake - negligence when storing canned food

Any canned food can be kept long enough, while remaining safe. But only if the conditions of their storage are not violated - this place should be dark, dry and there should not be heat. If the canned food is frozen, the can / lid is rusted, deformed or swollen - it should be discarded immediately.

An open tin can of any canned food can be stored for no more than a day and only in the refrigerator.

Sixth mistake - long-term storage of products in a vacuum package

Bought something delicious in a vacuum package? Remember - the products in it can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 7 days. If you do not fit, it's better to put it in the freezer. If you have already opened the package, the shelf life of the products is reduced to 3-4 days.

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