How to cook sausages correctly

The question, it would seem, is elementary: "How to cook sausages?".But in the preparation of such a simple dish, there are nuances and subtleties. Let's find out how to cook sausages correctly and how long it takes to cook them in different ways.

Do I have to cook sausages?

Why brew sausages, if they are already cooked and smell of boiled sausage? Many just do it - do not cook sausages, and eat them, not boiling, directly from the store package. But this is not worth doing. Sausage is just necessary! After all, in the process of cooking, bacteria are removed from sausages, which in case of improper storage multiply rapidly in food. You can not know how the sausages were stored before they came to your table. Therefore, always cook sausages before use.

How to cook sausages on a gas stove

Take a small saucepan so that the sausages evenly lie on its bottom and do not deform. It is very convenient to cook sausages right in the pan. After picking up the right dishes, put the sausages into i

t and pour the water so that it completely closes the sausages. Put the dishes on the maximum fire, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook for no more than three minutes. You can get sausages from the pan using forks or special tongs. Put sausages on a plate, add your favorite side dish.

How to cook sausages in the microwave

Pick up the dishes to the size of sausages. Make sure that this dish is suitable for use in a microwave oven. Place the sausages in a bowl, add a little water, cover with a plate or special lid from the set of utensils for microwave. Cook for one minute in the standard mode of your microwave oven. When finished, carefully remove the dishes from the stove with a tack or a thick towel.

How to cook sausages on a pair of

This method is simply ideal for those who love fresh sausages directly from the store counter and refuses to cook them. Say, after cooking, they will lose their taste. But it's better to take care of your health and cook sausages for a couple. If you have a steamer in the kitchen, it will take no more than five minutes to cook sausages in it.

If you do not have a steamer, you can make a water bath. For these purposes, a metal colander and a pan or a metal sieve are great. The main thing is that they do not come into contact with the bottom of the pan. Pour a little water into the pan, set the colander in it so that it does not come in contact with the surface of the water. Put the sausages in a colander. Close the lid tightly, wait for the water to boil in the pan, and cook for another five minutes.

Should I take off the sausage shell before cooking?

This question can arise in you for any method of cooking sausages. The sausage shell can be of several kinds. The natural shell can not be removed during cooking and then consumed with a sausage. A cellulose shell or a sheath of food polyethylene is not available, so it will have to be removed in any case. The main question is when to shoot it: before cooking or after? It all depends on your taste preferences.

If you remove the shell before cooking, then the sausage can be deformed. These sausages should not be digested. If you like to take off the shell after cooking, when the sausage is ready, then it's best to keep the sausages for a while in the water, then the shell will be easier to remove. But the time when you will clean the sausage from the shell, depends only on you.

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