What to cook with stale bread

It happens that a large amount of already dried, stale bread accumulates in the house, which, it would seem, no longer has any use. However, even a product that can not be restored to its original state, an experienced housewife can usefully use. If the old bread can not be turned into fresh, then you can go the other way, the main thing is to know a few tricks.

Recipes from stale bread

This is what can be made from dried, but not moldy bread. Pay attention, this is important: if the bread is even slightly touched by mold, it is better not to risk your health and throw it away.

1. Cook croutons

We cut bread into small pieces. Recipes for cooking toast are varied - toast with eggs, cheese and even sweet.

In order to prepare toast with egg, you will need a glass of milk, 3 eggs and, in fact, bread. Mix eggs and milk, whisk until smooth, while interfering in one direction. If you want to serve croutons for tea - add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the claret. Dip the bread in the resulting m

ass and place on a preheated frying pan. Then fry the bread on both sides and make sure that the croutons are not burnt.

There are two options for cooking garlic toasts. Toast can be grated with garlic and butter or fry the garlic and then fry in it toast. Watch for the croutons, garlic has the property to quickly burn out.

2. Dry the rusks

For this we need any bread, even fresh, the main thing is that the bread does not have mold. We set on the oven temperature regulator at around 180 degrees. We cut the bread into cubes, small in size. We place them on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Leave croutons for 10 minutes, wait until they are browned. Turn off the oven and, without opening it, wait until the crackers get cold. It is important to adhere to the golden mean - do not let the crackers burn or vice versa, do not dry up. Undried rusks can quickly deteriorate, and burnt ones are not suitable for eating.

3. Preparing kvass

For cooking kvass you need 3 liters of water, about 20 grams of yeast( should be crushed to the consistency of the powder) and 200 grams of sugar. In the saucepan pour the rusks and pour them with boiling water. We wait until the mass cools down. Next, we filter this mass, add yeast and sugar, mix well. After 10 hours we pour the ready kvass into bottles, leave it in the refrigerator for two days. Homemade kvass is much tastier than a store, it improves tone and improves mood.

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