How to Cook Chestnuts

Among the most ancient products, preserved unchanged to date, can be called chestnuts. These fruits have an amazing aroma and unique taste, due to which they remain popular for many centuries. Among other things, chestnut is the only nut that contains vitamin C, as well as glucose, fructose, iron and potassium.

The chestnuts that grow in our latitudes taste not very pleasant, and the size of the fruit leaves much to be desired. But as for chestnuts growing in the Caucasus, in Spain, Italy or Japan, their nuts in size can be compared with mandarins. Therefore, it is quite natural that the inhabitants of these countries with pleasure and very often serve them to the table. And how not to remember Paris, where chestnuts are an integral romantic symbol! In the French capital, you can enjoy these fried fruits right on the streets, where they are offered to all comers.

Preparation of chestnuts

There are a lot of ways of making chestnuts. It is most easy and tasty - just fry the fruits in a frying

pan, the aroma of roasted chestnuts is simply stunning.

How to fry chestnuts

Chestnut fruits are cut from the flat side, put on a heated frying pan and cover with a lid. Fry without oil, after they start to burst, immediately removed.

You should eat roasted chestnuts immediately, because when they cool, their unique taste will be lost. Experts believe that the most delicious are those fruits that have not yet burst, but are on the edge, but you need a lot of experience to remove them from the frying pan at this very moment.

Can I eat raw chestnuts?

Chestnuts can be eaten and raw, directly from the tree. You just need to peel off the skin and film from them, which is quite difficult. In addition to all, raw chestnuts do not have that amazing aroma, which is famous for properly prepared fruits.

First courses and side dishes with chestnuts

Chestnuts are good as a side dish to stew, fragrant fries, they are stewed with vegetables, put in pilaf and even make a dessert. In the best restaurants in Europe, one of the most famous delicacies is a capon with armagnac stuffed with chestnuts.

No less tasty and first dishes with chestnuts, a huge plus of which - a quick preparation. For example, here is the recipe for chestnut soup. Meat broth is filled with celery, parsley, various spices, after which cream, roasted crushed fruits of chestnuts, a couple of spoons of brandy( and other alcohol) can be added to it. Such an original and tasty soup is very good in frosty weather.

As you can see, chestnuts can be prepared in a variety of ways, but the result is always happy!

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