How to eat avocado

Avocado is a fruit-vegetable, an evergreen fruit plant of the laurel family. Many of us have a bad idea of ​​how to properly use the fruit not characteristic of our locality( and cooking).The stereotype value of the fruit tells us that the fruit should be sweet, but in fact the avocado has virtually no taste or smell. It is impossible to compare avocados with any of the known products.

How to choose the avocado

How do the fruits of the avocado look? Single-seeded berries can be spherical or elongated( pear-shaped) from 5 to 20 centimeters in length. Ripe fruit is covered with a thin dark green slightly roughen skin.

To correctly choose a product, you should not look at the color of the peel, but determine the elasticity of the fruit. How can I check this? Just take the avocado in the palm of your hand and lightly squeeze your fingers, if you feel resistance, then this fruit is suitable.

With what to eat avocado

Separately, avocados are practically not used for food. Be sure to add t

he berries as one of the ingredients, then you will get a really unrivaled taste of the fruit( tender and oily).

The flesh of fruits is in harmony with meat, fish, seafood, vegetables. Ways of processing the product are different: in the kitchens of different countries avocados are fried, boiled, baked, stewed or eaten raw. Why is avocado useful? It has a lot of fatty acids and vitamin E.

How to properly clean and cut avocado

Take the fruit and be sure to wash the skin. Wipe the avocado and get ready for cutting. With a sharp knife, cut the flesh along the fetal circumference( it is better to cut it along).When you stumble on a hard seed, do not try to cut it.

When the circumference is cut, grasp both halves and slightly turn the palm of your hand, the flesh easily separates from the stone. Carefully remove the stone from the halves, take a teaspoon and simply scrape off the pulp from the rind, pre-drawn it cubes or plates. The crooks sometimes first cut the pieces with a knife( so that they are then equally smooth), and then scrape the pulp with a spoon.

What to cook with avocado?

Recipe # 1. Fish appetizer with avocado is prepared this way. The dressed fruit is taken into pieces and wrapped in a thin salted fish slice( you can use trout).Roll the rolls on a plate, sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice, sprinkle with herbs and everything, you can serve.

Recipe # 2. Sandwich "spread".From the avocado you need to make a mash, crush the product in a blender, combine, meat grinder or mixer. In puree we pour low-fat unsweetened yogurt, we squeeze out a little garlic, we season it with spices and herbs. Beat the mixture well until a paste is formed. You can serve with croutons, crackers or plain bread. In addition to the sandwich, you can put anything: meat, fish, cheese, vegetables.

Recipe # 3. Salad. Take the avocado and cut into cubes( as described above).Cook the eggs and shrimps. Clean one and the other and cut;small shrimps can be added to the whole salad. Season such a salad with olive oil, spices( salt, pepper), greens are added to taste. The seasoned salad can be served immediately to the table.

Recipe # 4. In fact, this is not a recipe, but another way, how can you eat avocado. Take the spoon and just eat the flesh straight from the rind. Some for flavor flavor season with fresh avocado lemon sauce, spices or olive oil( with the spice can be added directly to the half, that is, in the hollow from the stone).

Warning! If you are going to prepare a dish with an avocado, know that the product very quickly loses its color and darkens, so leave the berry processing at the very last moment of cooking. In addition, the flesh can be sprinkled with lemon juice, then it will not oxidize so quickly, and the lemon will give a special note to almost tasteless fruit.

Want to create a delicious dish, which will be enjoyed by your whole family - do not be afraid to experiment with avocados!

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