Such a delicious young potato!

How to cook potatoes? You can cook, fry, put out. ...As you like, as you like, as your doctor advises, how "your whole life was cooked" by your beloved grandmother. With what to cook the potatoes - with meat, fish, a mixture of aromatic herbs. .. With what you want, and you can and do without anything, with a large salt and black bread, remembering college years and barefoot childhood.

Everyone loves potatoes. Even those who never eat it, fearing for their figure - those, probably, most of all love it, longing for the night and cursing for caloric content.

Especially good is a young potato. Small, covered with a thin pinkish skin. If the potatoes are so - it means the very height of summer in the yard: the end of July - the beginning of August. In central Russia, the first potatoes are usually excavated at "Peter and Paul," July 12.Since that time, we begin to eat "young", although until a full ripening of potatoes in the central strip of Russia another six months.

Are there many fights wit
h young potatoes?

Many people do not like to cook small, small potatoes, considering that there is a lot of fuss with it. And in vain! I think they just do not know how. There is nothing complicated here. You just have to put the potatoes in a container - a pot, a cup, a basket, even a plastic bag will do. Pour in cold water. Wait a few minutes. Cover and shake. In the case of the package - to tie up and, as they said in the old days, "rustle".Then drain the water. The operation should be repeated several times, until the drained water is clean.

Next, you need to clean the potatoes. In general, cleaning potatoes is the subject of special discussions. A number of potato-eaters competently asserts that the potato peel contains poison, and it must be cleaned. Fans of the same "potatoes in uniform", however, point to the fact that "they ate nothing and nothing" all their lives. In general, decide for yourself. But know: cleaning of young potatoes is terrible only in appearance.

Remember the focus with the package? Small tubers, rubbing themselves against each other, will get rid of the peel, you will only have to clear out hard-to-reach places. Another tip - use working gloves made from rough fabric, just pat the potato to free it from the peel.

And, of course, potatoes need to be sorted by removing the root crops affected by the wireworm( such narrow holes clogged with earth) and tubers of greenish color. This place of accumulation of poison - melanin, and neutralize it in any way impossible. After cleaning the potatoes, rinse again and place on a towel. When dry - immediately start cooking, remember that the potato quickly darkens in the air.

How to cook a young potato

And then everything is simple. You can throw this potato in the soup. Whole, not cutting - this is a special charm. You can bake in the oven in the form of a casserole, a slice of homemade sour cream and sprinkled with herbs. You can fry in a pan in full, in a lot of oil, until the formation of wonderful golden crusts. You can bake whole, or cut into halves in the oven, pre-lubricated with oil and sprinkled with spices.

You can bake without spices, preserving the natural taste. Only I strongly advise - put potatoes on a special paper or foil, so you can easily remove it, and you do not have to clean the baking dish. A combined option is possible - fry in a pan and set to languish in the oven. Or cook, and then fry. Such a potato is also good in a pie, cut into thin plates, interspersed with onions.

A garnish for young potatoes( just so, in the summer most often young potatoes are the main dish!) Will be salted cucumbers, ripe tomatoes and peppers only today, dill from the garden, young green onions, and not yet "evil", and even almost sweetgarlic.

Want to know the taste of summer? Prepare a young potato!

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