Soup-puree: tasty and useful!

Mashed soups are very popular now. This is a useful and tasty dish, especially often used in dietary nutrition. However, many housewives stop, it seems to them, the difficulty of preparing such soups.

How to cook soups-purees

In fact, cooking soup puree is not so difficult. They are cooked from the same products as the filling dishes. The difference is that the ingredients for the latter are cut into pieces, and for soups-mashed potatoes they are cooked on a steamed or broth, then grinded through a sieve or ground using a blender.

In the resulting mass poured the broth and put the toasted flour. For a pleasant taste, add butter, sour cream, egg and greens. Sometimes put fried onions and pieces of meat. It is very good to serve soups with mashed potatoes.

Several recipes of soups puree

Soup puree from potatoes

400 grams of meat broth put 2 medium-sized potatoes, 1 carrot and onion, put on fire and boiled. When the potato is ready, it is extracted, the filter is filtered and all t

he vegetables are rubbed through a sieve. This mixture is filled with broth, put the fried onions and flour and put on the fire for 5 minutes.

Then 10 grams of butter is mixed with sour cream and one egg. This mass is thrown into the soup. To this dish, toast with meat tops is prepared.

Meat soup puree

Cut into pieces 200 grams of chicken breast, put in a container, pour water and put on fire, remove scum. Add carrots, parsley, bay leaf, pepper and cook the meat until ready.

Meat is released from the bones and twisted through a meat grinder, then put in strained broth. Add a mixture of eggs, butter, 25 grams of sour cream and greens.

In order for the meat to have a uniform consistency, it is pounded in a mortar after a meat grinder or grinded through a sieve.

Bean soup

Boil 60 grams of white, pre-soaked beans in broth, add aromatic roots( carrots, parsley, onions).Then, several times, twist in a meat grinder or rub through a sieve, pour over the cook, put the toasted flour.

At the end of the preparation add a mixture of eggs, sour cream, butter and greens. To this dish, toast with cheese tops is prepared.

Soup puree from fish

Divide into pieces 70 grams of fish fillets, add broth, add roots, pepper, bay leaves and cook until ready. Then, filter, and the products are recycled through a sieve, this will make it possible to get rid of unwanted small bones. Add the toasted flour and broth, 25 grams of sour cream, butter and lemon juice.

You can put meatballs in this soup. Their preparation: 50 grams of fish fillets and 2 slices of white bread soaked in milk, twisted through a meat grinder, put the egg and salt. Then make small balls from this mixture.

Mashed soups are well absorbed and very useful for the stomach. This diet is recommended for many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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