What to cook for a picnic

Camping involves some departure from comfort in all its manifestations. As for the table, it should be one that can be covered in a picnic environment.

There should also be convenient. Do not need to prepare meals that you need to eat with a knife and fork, here it will be inappropriate. Inconvenience can cause and serve the first dish. So what do you bring with you to nature?

The best food on the picnic

Here are some tips for preparing dishes for a picnic:

  1. At first you can cook an ear at the stake, or you can exclude the first dish altogether.
  2. Shish kebabs are the most common dish on a picnic. They are made from different types of meat, from chicken, from fish. Choose any option you like. For economy, you can use chicken wings. They need to marinate and fry according to the principle of a shish kebab, on a skewer, or on a lattice.
  3. Shrubs and sausages / sausages / shpikachki - an option for the lazy. They are prepared faster than the shish kebab, and they do not need to pickl
  4. Sandwiches. Without them, nature is nowhere. Nourishing, tasty, inexpensive, and if you try, it's also beautiful.
  5. Lava bread rolls. You can turn everything into lavash: fish, sausage and cheese, crab sticks and eggs, meat and Korean carrots, chicken and cucumber, generously flavoring it with any greens. Do not make the rolls too thick and cut so that the piece does not have to bite. Try to make sure that the pieces do not fall apart.
  6. Cutting. You can cook meat, cheese, fish, vegetable and fruit sliced. Their original design will help create a holiday atmosphere. But in any case, do not leave them for long in the heat! To eat a slicing, especially a sausage, it is necessary literally within 2-3 hours after you got it from the refrigerator.
  7. Fish along with meat can appear on a picnic as a central dish. It can be cooked not only at the stake, but also at home. The huge advantage is the absence of bones in it. There will be it will be more convenient.
  8. Tartlets. You can fill them with anything. And there are their convenient, and looks beautiful. By the way, they can serve any salads. For example, a favorite salad of corn and crab sticks is great for stuffing. Make a salad in your favorite way, just cut all the ingredients very finely, and fill them with tartlets. The most expensive and junk option for tartlets is julienne. But the taste of this dish justifies all difficulties. On the principle of hot sandwiches, you can make hot tartlets.
  9. Pizza. Prepare your favorite pizza or order in a pizzeria and take with you to nature. Even a cooled pizza will please many holidaymakers.

Prepare your favorite snacks and relax with pleasure!

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