Cooking in aerogril

In the advertisement of aerogrill it is often mentioned that it is an improved analogue of the Russian stove for the environmentally friendly cooking of food. The invention of the eighties of the last century became a worthy representative of the family of household kitchen appliances. And you can not say that this is a thing of prime necessity, but this device has already found its fans largely due to its multifunctionality and natural way of cooking. And not only the housewives appreciated these advantages.


  1. Aerogrile device
  2. Functions and advantages of aerogrie
  3. How to prepare food in aerogriege
  4. Benefits of food made in aerogrie
  5. Is food harmful to aerogrill?

aerogrile unit This device consists of the top and bottom parts. The fan and the fan are located at the top of the device along with a control panel that allows you to prepare various products in a high-quality and correct manner. The lower part of the device is a glass bowl, where the products are place

d, which we will prepare. Containers for products come in different sizes. On the shelves of shops you can find bowls from 6 to 15 liters.

There are also very versatile specimens in which you can change the volume of the bowl. In them, the volume is increased by means of several expansion rings. With their help, you can change the height of the bowl, increasing its volume by about 3-9 liters.

In addition to special glassware, aerogril can be cooked using any suitable dishes for the hostess. The only exception is the wooden and plastic dishes, which are not suitable for aerogrill absolutely.

As for electricity consumption, aerogril will require several times less energy than an iron or electric kettle. In addition, the aerogrill can be installed on any dry surface. If only the length of the wire is enough.

If we talk about additions to the device, then their availability depends on the cost of the device. Standard equipment is usually equipped with only a few grilles, whereas more expensive models have roasters, skewers, stylists and other novelties of culinary technology.

Basic functions of aerogrill

With this device you can prepare the dish in any way: boil, fry without oil, cook grilled meat, smoke, stew, bake, dry, steam, cook hot sandwiches, and also to bring home barbeque,steam cutlets and pastries. In addition, this wonderful device can warm up your dinner by a certain time, cook jam directly in jars, sterilize preserving, raise dough and make yogurts. However, for the preparation of yogurt you will need a model with an electronic control system.

Advantages of aerogrile:

  • No strong odor during cooking, and no food stuck to the bottom of the bowl.
  • Possibility to cook several dishes at the same time.
  • Automatic self-cleaning device( for some models).
  • Convenient storage and transportation.
  • Preservation of vitamins.
  • No harmful to human emissions.
  • The volume and execution of several functions. One device can feed a family of several people.

How to prepare food in aerogrill

Preparation of food in aerogrill is based on the principle of convection, that is, the rotation of hot air around the piece of the product with its slow heating. To prepare the product, you need to place it in the bowl, set the cooking parameters and turn on the appliance.

Favorite in our country, a grilled chicken in a similar device is about 40 minutes. As for fish, at a temperature of 180 degrees the cooking time will be from 20 minutes to half an hour.

Before switching on the device, it must be ensured that all products that are loaded into the appliance recede from the bowl walls by at least a centimeter. This is due to the fact that the circulation of hot air in the bowl is possible only if you have access to the products.

In addition, the device can also be used as a home smoker. It is necessary only to pour wood( preferably alder or cherry) sawdust or pour liquid smoke. In this case, the products must be spread out on the grate that is included in the kit.

Useful properties of food prepared in aerogril

Aerogrill is on the list of the most healthy cooking equipment, because the air with which food is cooked is clean and hot. In aerogril can be cooked without oil and grease. This is a big plus for those who are worried about their health and figure.

Thanks to the environmentally friendly device, people who have a tendency to allergies can safely eat all kinds of dishes without worrying about the consequences. It is thanks to all its positive qualities that aerogrill will take a worthy place in your kitchen.

Is food harmful to airgel?

As for the negative qualities of aerogrill, they were not found. The only thing that can be noted when preparing dishes in aerogrill - any product can have personal negative properties, manifested as a result of heating, regardless of the way of cooking. Researches of scientists confirm that in the design of this device there are no technologies dangerous for health.

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