Rules for cooking food in a microwave oven

In our age of speed and technical progress, a century of constant employment and lack of time, it is impossible to imagine cooking at home without faithful assistants - a variety of household appliances. One of these items, the faithful assistant housewife in the kitchen was a microwave oven, which had undergone many upgrades and improvements.

Several cooking secrets in the microwave

Modern microwave ovens have many functions and different possibilities. When choosing one, they will determine their individual needs. But, whatever the stove you choose, so that when working with it there is no trouble, use a few simple tips.

  • Use the microwave oven to prepare the first dishes only if you do not have a regular cooker. In other cases, this will lead to unnecessary loss of time and electricity. In addition, a large amount of moisture evaporates, which is undesirable for the stove.
  • Products that have a dense shell, for example, apples, sausages, potatoes in the skin, must be pierced in seve
    ral places before cooking in the microwave to avoid an explosion.
  • Blasted in the microwave are also empty jars, eggs in the shell.
  • You can heat baby food in the microwave oven, and it's convenient and fast, but do not forget to remove the caps and nipples from the bottles.
  • When placing the product in a large piece for heating, remember: microwaves penetrate deep into 2-3 cm, so there is a possibility that the product will remain cold inside. It will be better if you cut a large piece into several smaller pieces.
  • Thin and round pieces warm up faster than thick and rectangular pieces.
  • Read the instructions carefully before defrosting the food. Products have different weight, density, structure, degree of frost. Therefore, the time for defrosting should be chosen differently.
  • Before preparing a dish from pre-frozen foods, do not forget to unfreeze them first. Otherwise, from the outside, a completely prepared dish inside will turn out with ice.
  • If you need to unfreeze vegetables or fruits, put them in a bowl, pour a little water on the bottom and cover with a foil for the microwave. In the defrosting process, stir the contents several times. So the defrost will pass evenly.
  • The fish should be thawed at low power, since it can begin to be prepared from the top, remaining inside the frozen one. For the same reason, when thawing a bird with a whole bird, cover the protruding parts with foil.
  • Try not to overload your stove with large cooking volumes. She does not like it. It is better in parts. But also be careful with small portions. If it is very necessary to cook something that weighs less than 200 grams, put a small glass with water next to it.
  • If you need to quickly cook meat dishes, put a few bones nearby. You can pre-wrap them in foil. Bones warm up well, retain heat and promote its uniform distribution.
  • Be very careful about sugar. Before cooking, sugar is best melt or mix. It heats up faster than all products and can start burning.
  • Cook the microwave potatoes after turning off another 5 minutes in the oven, and as many before serving on the table outside the oven.
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