Secrets of a double boiler

If you want to have a young and attractive appearance, permanently preserve your health, then pay close attention to your diet. It should be done correctly, and the dishes should be cooked with a steamer. This is explained by the fact that it allows you to save the maximum amount of nutrients and taste of foods, and this, in turn, helps to improve health and prolong youth.

Here are some secrets that will enable you to eat beautiful, juicy and tasty dishes from a steamer.

  1. In this device you can cook a lot of dishes from meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, seafood and, of course, porridge. In addition, she can eat scrambled eggs, casseroles, dumplings, dumplings, various desserts and some kinds of cakes.
  2. It should be noted that there are also such products that are not recommended for cooking in a double boiler. For example, legumes, pasta and mushrooms, that is, those before cooking should be additionally soaked and boiled.
  3. To ensure that the dish is cooked evenly, it is necessary
    to grind all the ingredients into cubes of the same size, and then from them lay an even layer on the bottom of the basket.
  4. Thanks to the fact that steamers from several levels now began to appear, the housewives had the opportunity to cook more than one dish at once, but several. Expand all the ingredients as follows: on the first level lay out those that require long cooking( any meat), and at the top should be vegetables, because they are prepared very quickly.
  5. The food cooked in a double boiler saves almost all vitamins and nutrients, which is different from dishes cooked in a different way. Therefore, to maintain the beautiful and bright appearance of vegetables, it is recommended to use a steamer.
  6. When cooking vegetables, it is important to ensure that water does not boil, and add salt only after they are finally ready.
  7. In order to prepare any seafood, you should put foil on top. This will help to get not only a soft, but gentle dish.
  8. If you want to give a ready-made dish a more intense taste, then in a container filled with water, pour a few spices and spices, as well as a vegetable broth and wine. Before preparing meat and fish dishes, it is recommended to hold the main ingredients in the marinade. Place a small amount of green onions, lemon, pieces of ginger under a fish dish, because this will significantly affect the taste of the finished product.
  9. It is very important to comply with the safety regulations and carefully read the instructions, where it is written about how to properly use the steamer. After the dish is ready, put on special gloves and remove the basket.

In conclusion, note that cooking steam is not necessary to buy a steamer. Steam cooking is available in virtually any multivark - a modern multifunctional kitchen appliance that has gained popularity in recent years. All the above tips are also applicable to cooking in a multivarquet in steaming mode.

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