Preparation without oil: tasty and useful!

Butter, like vegetable, is a success in any national cuisine. This is because the oil enhances the taste, which is why fatty and fried seems to us tastier. But there are many ways to prepare a delicious dinner without oil, especially as modern technology allows you to even fry without using it.

Why it is useful to cook without oil

Everyone knows that fats are necessary for our body, for example, to carry out oxygen exchange or produce hormones. Therefore, it is not necessary to do without oil completely. But, as experts say, nutritionists, it is better to add it to the prepared dish. When the oil is heated, for example, for roasting meat, then it begins to lose all its useful qualities, but if you fill the salad with them, the necessary properties will be preserved.

In addition, now we consume fats in an obviously excessive amount, which is the cause of many health problems in modern people: from obesity to atherosclerosis. Therefore, we have nothing to fear from lack of nutrient, and we ca

n safely cook without oil. Especially those people who prefer to eat dairy products, various fish or meat - in these foods, fats are more than enough.

Means of cooking without oil

It's easy to do without cooking oil, one of the ways is to put out the food in ceramic pots. Food from pots is delicious, nutritious and juicy, but also useful. Products are suitable for a variety of: meat, fish, vegetables and much more. Meat and fish will give natural fats, which will eliminate the need to add oil.

Large fans of meat delicacies are also suitable for baking in foil or sleeve. Here everything is very simple, we wrap the ingredients and put them in the oven. The difference is only in the cooking time, as a rule, the food is prepared faster in the sleeve, since it is more tightly packed. The foil also benefits from a temperature comparison, it can withstand higher temperatures. Dishes turn out juicy, the main thing is to make sure that everything is packed securely, otherwise the delicious juice will flow out.

Low-calorie meals will help cook a steamer. As a rule, in such devices, fat flows down, and baking occurs without its participation. Nevertheless, the dishes in the steamer are distinguished by their special utility and brightness of taste. Cooked in a double boiler vegetables will retain their elasticity, vitamins also do not evaporate. But to take a great interest in dishes from a double boiler it is not necessary without special necessity, as completely depriving yourself of fats - is fraught with consequences.

Baking lovers can do without oil, but you can use a very small amount. Cooking delicious desserts can be in silicone molds, and the oil here is necessary to lubricate them on first use, so, according to the producers, the food will no longer burn to the walls ever.

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