Secrets of cooking dumplings

Pelmeni is perhaps the most famous dish of Russian cuisine. Recipes for their preparation are many. What is a dumpling? In fact - meat wrapped in a dough. And there are a lot of analogues of this dish in the world: mantas( Uzbekistan), khinkali( Georgia), ravioli( Italy), vareniki( Ukraine).Pelmeni is one of the three most popular semi-finished products in Russia. But, undoubtedly, the most delicious dumplings are homemade, cooked by own hands.


  1. How to cook a dough for pelmeni
  2. How to mold a dumplings
  3. How to store and cook dumplings

There are a great many recipes for a dough, but how to make your dumplings the most delicious? Here you can not do without the knowledge of some secrets.

Secrets of a delicious dough for

pellets The first secret is the correct proportions and mixing.6 cups of flour are taken 1 glass of water. The flour must be sieved through a sieve. Knead the dough one way around the circumference for a long time. It is best to knead, so the c

onsistency of the dough is better. It should become steep and elastic.

The second secret - the test needs rest. You do not need to mold dumplings from the just-kneaded dough. Hold it for about half an hour, covered with a clean towel.

The correct filling and molding of

The third secret concerns the filling. The most popular is minced meat. How to cook it properly? The most important thing is to take minced meat from several types of meat. Variations can be many. Classic is a minced meat, mixed from pork and beef. The secret is that the meat should be scrolled twice in the meat grinder. Add onions, garlic and spices.

The right molding is the next secret. To make dumplings of the same size, the dough should be thinly rolled up to a thickness of approximately 2 mm. The most delicious dumplings are those in which the proportions of meat and dough are 1: 1.A glass of wine is cut out. In the center of everyone puts a stuffing. The circle is folded in half, the edges are tucked in such a way that the juice does not leak from the pelmeni.

How to cook, store and serve dumplings

Dumplings are thrown into boiling salted water( not very much so that during cooking they do not stick together).After the dumplings come up, wait about 5 minutes, then they can be caught.

If you are not going to immediately cook the dumplings, then they should be frozen directly on the same board, which they laid out after molding. You expose them to frost and after an hour - you pour a half and a half in a bag and put them in the freezer for storage.

It's also important to eat ready-made pelmeni. Serve them should always be warm. From the appliances put a spoon, even if the dumplings without broth. As a dressing, use sour cream or butter. Sometimes a well-diluted vinegar is placed next to the plate. You can sprinkle dumplings with greens. Bon Appetit!

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