Can I eat sweets for a nursing mother?

It's hard to find a woman who does not like to eat a sweet cake or a chocolate bar. Sweets bring to the beautiful half of the floor not only moral pleasure, but also the portion of glucose required for brain work, and the energy charge for the whole organism. However, the question of the use of buns and sweets rises during the feeding of an infant. If the newly made mom is a creepy sweet tooth, she will have to be very hard, because not everything you want can be eaten. Do I need sweets for a nursing mother?

At the birth of a child, many women for the entire period of breastfeeding completely refuse sweets, fearing the appearance of allergies in the baby. In reality, there are no products that can not be categorically used for a newly mummy. Not all women so eagerly get used to a new role, so there are those who return to the diet, which was adhered to before the onset of pregnancy.

Of course, those who prefer natural feeding, should understand that you can not sweep everything. But too hard to

restrict yourself is not necessary - the body needs a lot of energy to maintain itself and to produce breast milk.

However, it should be remembered that the main indicator is the baby, who immediately reacts to everything that gets from the mother. And if after using the mother of a particular product, his tummy got sick or allergic rashes appeared, then of course, this product should be discarded.

By the way, during breastfeeding most of all the woman wants sweet, as her body actively consumes glucose and requires regular replenishment of her reserves. In addition, sweets are a kind of antidepressant, perfectly raising the already shaky mood.

What kind of sweets can you eat?

Of all the variety of products containing sugar, the nursing mother will be able to choose for herself what she wants, because the assortment allows. So, women who practice natural feeding are allowed to eat the following sweets:

1. Zephyr

You can eat this dainty without fear, but it is important to choose products without artificial colors and chocolate glaze.

2. Ice cream

As well as with marshmallow - no fillers and preservatives in the composition. It is better to choose in favor of delicacies based on natural milk or cream. As a rule, it costs more than usual ice cream, but the health of the child is at stake.

3. Pastille

You can buy in the store, you can cook yourself. In the first case, choose a product based on pectin.

4. Marmalade

A similar treat should be sought in the department with organic products.

5. Halva

Fans of eastern sweets need to remember that it should not be abused, because it is prepared from the seeds of sunflower and sugar. Such components can provoke the appearance of colic in the tummy of a baby, a rash or itching.

6. Condensed milk

This product can be consumed little by little and not in a "pure form".For example, add to tea. Many women thus increase lactation, although this method has not been scientifically confirmed.

7. Dried fruits

Dried apricots, raisins and prunes can be eaten separately or added, for example, in cottage cheese. And dried apples and pears will be an excellent substitute for sweets.

8. Jam

There is an opinion that this kind of sweet can not be eaten. But this is not so, the main thing is not to overdo it. Especially careful it is necessary to be with jam from highly allergenic berries: strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries.

9. BSE

Protein sweetness from time to time can appear in the menu of a nursing woman without fear of harming the baby.

10. Baby products

In the department with children's products there are many names of products, among which you can find the same cookies or purees. Ingredients used in their preparation, natural, so you can safely buy such sweets.

Do not give up the opportunity to pamper yourself with some yummy. All you need to do is read the composition of the product and do not abuse it.

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