How to store bread

Do you know the conditions under which bread should be stored in order to continue to please you with its fresh pleasant taste for a long time, be gentle and not moldy?

Bread is a fairly common product that is present daily on every table, so it is desirable that it lasts as long as possible fresh and fragrant. It turns out that there are a lot of ways to properly store bread, we'll talk about this today.

Rules for storing bread in packages

Once upon a time, to preserve bread, it was traditionally wrapped in a linen or linen towel. The same secret was used by our grandmothers.

To date, many Russians save bakery products in bags of polyethylene. However, in this case, remember: this package is not used twice. If you also store bread with this method, remember that the package must have holes that can be made with the same hole punch. Only when this condition is met, your loaf( loaf) is not threatened with mold, which, as is known, poses a certain danger to human health, and it will not s

tart stale until after four to five days.

In the supermarket you can buy bags specially designed for storage of bakery products. Each of them consists of three layers: top and bottom cotton, the middle layer is perforated polyethylene. Thanks to these bags, bread remains fresh for a long time and retains its useful qualities.

How to store bread in the refrigerator

Some people think that bread is best preserved in the refrigerator cabinet, it turns out that this opinion is erroneous. The fact is that at a temperature of about two degrees Celsius bakery products lose their fastest moisture( the average bread moisture index is somewhere around 50%) and instantly stale. It is better to store bread in a room with the appropriate temperature in the room or in the freezer.

In a freezer at -18 degrees Celsius, the bread may remain completely usable for about three months. All types of bread, black, white, and cereal, are absolutely frozen, but before cutting it, cut this product into pieces. Defrost such bread can be in the oven or in the microwave. Do not forget that, having thawed, it instantly grows stale.

We keep bread in the breadcrumbs

You can save a loaf or loaf in a breadbasket, only in order to get rid of excess moisture, you need to put an apple slice or a sugar slice into this device. To make the bread not moldy, place a handful of salt in a well closed breadbox.

Breadbaskets are made of wood, metal or plastic, and it is very important that they have a tightness: the smaller the ventilation holes - the better. The breadbasket should be located in a dry and well-lit place, otherwise your bakery products will spoil the mold.

A wonderful place for storing bread is a wooden bread crumb wrapped with a linen napkin. An excellent option for the manufacture of this device - birch bark and juniper. Beresta is a natural antiseptic, which is why mold is not produced in such a loaf.

Remember that the breadcrumbs should be systematically cleaned by removing crumbs, wipe with an acetic solution and wash.

Some more tips for storing bread

Freshness of a whole( not cut) loaf can be saved by cutting the first piece not from the end, but from the middle. To do this, cut the loaf in half and, during storage, tightly press the formed sections of the cut into a cut, this will protect the product from both sides, and for a long time it will please you with its freshness.

If you are engaged in bread baking yourself, then before you remove the finished product, do not forget to cool it properly. The fact is that the unheated bread is badly chopped and crumpled.

White bread should be stored separately from black, put them in different bags of paper or polyethylene. Thus, both of them stay fresh longer and the smells do not mix.

And finally the most simple rule of storing bread: buy it exactly as much as necessary, avoid excess quantity.

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