How to store garlic

Do you like spicy dishes flavored with garlic? And do you know how to keep garlic in an ordinary apartment for the whole winter? If your garlic quickly deteriorates, then below you can find the conditions and ways of keeping it at home. So, how to store garlic correctly?

How to store unclean garlic in winter

The most convenient way to store garlic at home is to weave it into braids. But for this, garlic should be harvested from the garden along with part of the green stem. To store garlic in such braids is better in a cool dark place, for example, in a cellar. The braids can be suspended to the ceiling or fixed to the wall. Storage temperature should be below zero by a couple of degrees. If the room warms up more, then the garlic will start to germinate and start up the green arrows. If it is colder, the garlic will freeze. From this, he will lose his useful qualities, and taste will become less pleasant.

If you do not have time to braid, then well-dried garlic heads can be folded into nylo

n stockings that you no longer wear, or a mesh. Store also necessary in a cool dark room at a temperature of two to three degrees below zero.

You can store garlic in ordinary glass jars. The heads of garlic must be cleared from the ground and dried well. Wash the banks, sterilize and wipe dry. In ready-made jars, combine the garlic and close tightly with capron cap.

Garlic in glass jars can also be stored as follows. Cut off the stems and roots of the head to dry well. Banks are well washed and dried and put the heads of garlic in them, copiously with flour. Note that the finish layer of flour should be high( about two centimeters) to create an air barrier.

How to store garlic in the apartment, at room temperature

If you can not withstand the appropriate temperature conditions, then garlic can be stored at room temperature. It is best to put it in plywood boxes. They need to be cleaned and dried. At the bottom of the box we pour a layer of large salt, from above lay a layer of dried and prepared garlic heads. Top again with salt. Alternating, fill the box to the brim. Do not forget that as the temperature increases, the shelf life of garlic heads decreases. And it's not even that the heads can rot, dry or germinate. After the time has elapsed, garlic loses both its aroma and useful qualities. The maximum storage time of this vegetable is 8 months, but at room temperature it decreases to 4 months. In addition, at a storage temperature in excess of 20 degrees, after 4 months, garlic will lose about half of its useful qualities, and after 8 months they will lose them altogether. Yes, and add to dishes such garlic will be unpleasant.

As it became clear from previous tips, in order to preserve garlic, it is necessary to protect it from contact with air. Oil is best for this purpose. But it must be prepared beforehand. The usual sunflower oil must be boiled for 2 hours, and then add an alcohol solution of iodine at the rate of 18-20 drops per liter of oil. Garlic head beforehand to wash and dry, to clean garlic it is not necessary. Then use a clean cotton pad to put the cooled oil on the garlic heads. Leave the garlic until the oil is completely absorbed.

How to store peeled garlic

To keep garlic already cleaned it is possible, and it is necessary to do it in vegetable oil. You can use any available - olive, sunflower or linseed.

The jar needs to be thoroughly washed and dried, and the garlic is peeled. Tightly put the denticles in a jar and pour oil. This garlic is very convenient when preparing dishes, when there is no time for cleaning. And the oil can be used afterwards - soaked in garlic smell, it perfectly complements salads and other foods.

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