How to train yourself to eat slowly

The habit of quickly eating can lead to not very good consequences. You not only will not notice the tastes of the taste of the food you eat, but you will also get problems with the gastrointestinal tract, since the food that is swallowed hastily is worse absorbed by the body. In addition, if you watch your figure or fight with extra pounds, then reduce the rate of absorption of food is simply necessary. In this case, saturation comes faster, and the amount you eaten will decrease significantly.

How can you learn to eat slowly? Here are some tips.

  1. It is best to switch to fractional food, reduce portions, and also to shorten the intervals between meals. You will eat faster if you are very hungry, so try to sit at the table not very hungry, so as not to hurt yourself.
  2. Do not do other things while eating( reading, watching TV, etc.), since you generally will not notice that you ate much more than usual. Try to focus on the process of absorbing food and enjoy every piece eaten.
  3. Specialists in the field of dietetics have not yet finally decided what is more useful - there is alone or in the company. People who eat in the company often adjust themselves to someone else's eating pace and eat accordingly faster than usual. But at the same time, some are addicted to conversation and almost forget their plate with food. Therefore, you need to decide what is best for you.
  4. Try to choose small cutlery. Also it is necessary to pay attention to how the table is served - if the serving is complex and elegant, then the time for food will need much more than with the usual table setting. This applies to dishes - if the dish is interesting, intricately decorated, then it will be consumed longer.
  5. Food( vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.) is best cut into small pieces, as the smaller the food is cut, the more time it takes to eat it. Bread break off in small pieces, but do not bite off the whole chunk.
  6. Try very carefully and chew food as much as possible, as it is very useful for digestion, and also leads to rapid saturation and slows down the process of eating.
  7. If you are upset, have something to worry about, then do not start eating, because in a state of stress, nervous tension, a person very quickly eats a huge amount of food( much more than usual), what harms your body and the figure. Before eating, try to calm down, walk around, drink water and then sit down to eat, trying to concentrate on the actual food. This will help you gather your thoughts and enjoy eating.
  8. If you want to eat more slowly, then, taking a mouthful of food in your mouth, put the cutlery. Only after you have swallowed and swallowed it, again take a spoonful in your hand.

Please note: taking alcohol while eating helps people start eating faster and more.

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