What is good about a glass kettle

Teapot - if not the most important kitchen helper, then exactly the most popular appliance in the kitchen. After all, during the day they are used precisely not once or even twice, but much more. And moreover, every member of the family uses it.

Today, when every minute is expensive, it is very important that the device boil water as quickly as possible. Ideally - in a matter of minutes. Aluminum and enameled dishes standing on our plates, of course, this is beyond the power. But electric boil water for a couple of minutes is not difficult.

In addition, I want to get more and aesthetic pleasure, looking at how the water boils. And it can only be provided by a glass electric kettle, because it looks like an elegant decanter, and not as an appliance for boiling water.

Glass models have other advantages that are not available for metal and plastic analogues. First, it's lightness. Hands that raise such a device do not strain at all. Especially easy are the models per 1 liter. By the way, small

teapots make sense to buy only if family members rarely drink tea together. In general, it makes no sense to boil a large amount of water in a metal bulk on the stove today. If earlier it was decided to gather the whole family for breakfast or dinner, now it's the other way around. Everyone considers it necessary to turn on the kettle when he really needs it.

Glass is a material that is very good at absorbing sounds. Not without reason in our houses there are glass windows. Buying a glass model, the consumer can be sure that the process of boiling water will not be unnecessarily loud. If before he used a plastic or metal device, and then suddenly decided to buy a glass, the difference he will immediately feel. Nothing will disturb his ears. The most important thing is that the kettle included in the morning will not wake up the noise of other household members.

Some glass models are equipped with a backlight. True, they are more expensive. While the water boils, the backlight works. It looks very impressive. Look at how bubbles rise up, glowing with green or blue light, becomes even more interesting.

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