Useful accessories for the kitchen

When it is necessary to prepare a lot and often, it is necessary to choose in advance the right accessories, produced only for kitchens. If you choose suitable assistants, then ease and comfort during cooking will be guaranteed for any housewife!

  • Not every time it makes sense to cut meat on the table top of an expensive kitchen set. If the juice from the meat gets to the countertop, made not of stone, but from a cheap chipboard, then it risks corny swelling and failure. It is much more practical to buy a plastic or glass cutting board, which is installed directly above the sink, and all the resulting juice on a special groove will immediately drain into the sewage system.
  • Household chemicals from the best manufacturers are worth a lot of money these days. If it is used in manual mode, the flow rate will be extremely high. But if you buy a special dispenser, then every click on the spout will pour out a precisely measured amount of chemistry. The cost of the dispenser is small and it pays off
    already in the first year - it will take a while to buy the next set of detergents!
  • Until recent years the kolander was considered exotic in our market. It is a grid that completely sinks into the bowl of the kitchen sink. If you need to wash potatoes, carrots or various fruits, then such an accessory will be extremely necessary - everything is pre-soaked and then washed off with visible ease. Some young mothers have adapted to use the kolander for a different purpose - in it they heat up to the right temperature the infant formula.
    The market includes plastic and steel kolandery. The first often go in one set with kitchen sinks, while the latter, in view of the high cost, will have to be bought separately. In any case, the stainless steel coil will be the best solution - it does not corrode and is highly durable.
  • The kitchen often collects a lot of organic waste, which is not so easy to get rid of in the summer. Watermelon and melon crusts sometimes give such an "aroma" from which it becomes difficult to breathe. But you can buy a shredder of household waste, which is able to grind to small fractions almost any organics - up to the fish bones, mix with cold water and drain into the sewage system. Clean organic waste will be collected much less!
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