Ice maker: a new function of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is not only in demand for household appliances, but also an integral part of modern man's comfortable existence. In stores specializing in the sale of such equipment, you can find a variety of models of refrigerators. They differ in both size and design. Also, they can have a certain set of functions necessary for its smooth operation and in-demand by buyers. If you want, you can buy a refrigerator with two or even three cameras. In addition, you can choose a low-budget model or a very expensive technique, supplemented by a variety of options in accordance with new developments of manufacturers.

This function, which has already gained wide popularity among customers in recent years, is the presence of an integrated ice generator in the refrigerator. This device was patented at the end of the 19th century, but it was not used until the end of the 20th century. The ice maker is capable of producing ice for both technical and food purposes. This device used in industry is much more po

werful and impressive than the built-in appliances in household appliances. But if industrial refrigerators perform operations in a large volume, household ice makers are designed to serve the needs of ordinary people who can now drink refreshing drinks with ice. The presence of a built-in generator for ice production in the refrigerator will save money for the purchase of the device for the same purpose and space in the home kitchen.

The refrigerator with built-in ice maker is equipped with a system that allows to connect the unit to the water supply. In some cases, it is possible to fill the reservoir manually. The most expensive devices have a design that makes it possible to constantly update the ice reserves as a result of chain freezing of water. Other models have an electronic system that allows you to get ice in the form that is needed at the moment: ice crumbs or flat ice cubes.

Separate ice makers are equipped with the function Crushed Ice, that is, the grinding of ice, which occurs with the help of a screw grinder or mill. The finished product is dumped into a special container, which in most cases can be removed and fed to the table. In some modern models of refrigerators, ice dispensers and water supply are built in, which makes it possible to get a glass of chilled water or to chop ice without opening the refrigerator.

Ice generators have a system for cleaning water from harmful impurities and unnecessary odors. Special filters are responsible for this. The service life of these cleaning devices is about a year. The need for such a process can be argued for a long time, many say that the refrigerator serves to freeze and store food, and not to purify drinking water.

However, the equipment of these appliances with ice generators and dispensers allows you to keep the health of people close to you, enabling them not only to have ice at their disposal, but also to drink fresh, purified water. And the water will remain cold in any weather, even on summer hot days.

Many people prefer to buy water in supermarkets, because tap water has an unpleasant taste, and sometimes a disgusting smell. This is especially true for cities with a developed industrial infrastructure. In megacities, chlorine-containing substances are often used to disinfect water. External filter of the refrigerator or internal, as in the models Samsung, LG, will preserve the natural taste of water. And even if the water gets into the refrigerator from the faucet, the filter can clean it from harmful impurities and give it a spring taste.

In addition, various impurities and suspensions contained in the water are harmful not only for the human body, but also are capable of damaging the ice maker and valves. The filter, both internal and external, will protect the ice maker and other important parts of the refrigerator from contamination and breakage.

Obtaining cold clean water and ice directly from the refrigerator is an undeniable comfort for a modern person. Sometimes it is not so difficult to live comfortably and maintain health. Buying a refrigerator with built-in ice maker and dispenser, you make your life easier and safer.

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