Thai toothpaste: how safe and effective is its use?

Thai Toothpaste Many of the Russian tourists who spend their holidays in Thailand are surprised by the snow-white smile of the locals. Most Thais can boast of impeccable teeth.

And this is not always due to genetics, great importance is the quality of oral care with the use of local toothpastes, which have become widespread recently.


  • Manufacture of Thailand
  • Punchalee - the certificate is received!
  • Natural remedy Herbal Clove Toothpast
  • Wangrom - and tasty and useful
  • Thipniyom - effectiveness + safety
  • Abhai herb - it's worth it to try the
  • Five of the less popular, but still worthy. ..
  • Whitening effect?
  • View of dentists

Production of Thailand

Toothpaste from Thailand is not familiar to our compatriots. It is strikingly different in consistence, composition, aroma and taste characteristics. And most importantly, it has a magical effect on the teeth.

To make a dentifrice, Thais use exclusively natural ingredients, herbs growing on their land, known

for their healing properties. Each of the components has its effect: bleaching, preventing the appearance and development of caries, refreshing breath.

Almost all Thai toothpastes have the following properties:

  • high cleansing ability;
  • beneficial effect on the state of tooth enamel;
  • help in getting rid of gum bleeding;
  • removal of inflammatory processes of the oral cavity.

Before and after using toothpaste

It should be taken into account that essential oils are present in the paste, which can cause allergic reactions in people who do not tolerate at least one of the components. Caution should be shown and with high sensitivity of gums and teeth. For them, these toothpastes can be unsafe.

To start using the product you need to brush on the surface of the open tube, it is enough to have a minimum amount of paste on the villi to clean the teeth cleanly.

To preserve the properties of the paste, the packaging must be kept closed, preventing water from entering.

Contraindication to use may be the individual intolerance of the individual components that make up the composition.

Review of Thai pastes, which, judging by the reviews, are popular with our fellow citizens, is given below.

Punchalee - the certificate is received!

Hard toothpaste, one of the few certified in the Russian Federation and available on store shelves.

Manufactured using exclusively natural ingredients:

  • clove essential oil;Punchalee
  • camphor oil;
  • menthol;
  • calcium;
  • soda.

The result of using this paste, the therapeutic effect of which comes after a week of use:

  • quality whitening;
  • strong tooth enamel;
  • healthy gum.

To drawbacks can be attributed only to a not very pleasant taste and a specific flavor. However, after cleaning, freshness and lack of plaque are felt.

Another plus of high efficiency. For a single application, a very small amount of money is required, therefore, the paste lasts not for one month.

Natural remedy Herbal Clove Toothpast

One of the most famous toothpastes, sold in various cosmetic supermarkets and tourist places. Pasta, which has a completely natural base, saturated with clove extract.

The tool has the following action:

  • removes dark spots on the tooth enamel that appeared when consuming coffee, tea and active smoking;
  • effectively disinfects the oral cavity;
  • does not allow bacteria to multiply in the mouth;
  • breathing becomes pleasantly fresh;
  • after a two-week use of toothpaste shade of the teeth is noticeably brightened.

Herbal Clove Toothpaste A significant advantage is the economical consumption. One cleaning requires a minimum amount of paste.

The disadvantages of pasta include a salty taste and an unpleasant odor.

Cautious with the use of this paste should be with increased sensitivity of the gums and teeth. In this case it is recommended to divide the funds in four parts of the usual one.

Information on the availability of Sodium Laurilsuiphat has caused conflicting reviews among buyers of this Thai pasta, as there is an opinion on its toxicity. But for the production of pastes a completely harmless bonding formula is used.

Wangrom - and tasty and useful

A pleasant aroma and taste are the main distinguishing features of this brand. However, her cleansing and antiseptic qualities are in no way inferior to analogues.

Removes plaque from the surface of the teeth, prevents the formation of stone, conducts prophylaxis of diseases of the oral cavity.

Base composition:

  • camphor;
  • sorbitol;
  • borneol;
  • sodium chloride.

Thipniyom - Efficiency + Safety

A quality natural Thai paste that preserves teeth and gums in excellent condition and removes scab deposits. The herbal remedy acts safely and effectively.

Helps whiten teeth by removing plaque from cigarettes, coffee and tea. Pleasant taste distinguishes it on the background of similar ones.

Calcium carbonate, which is present in the composition, does not allow caries to develop. The composition consists of essential oils of plant elements, such as:

  • chamomile blue;Thipniyom
  • sage;
  • myrrh;
  • peppermint;
  • carnations.

All these components help to remove inflammation and improve the mucosa. Applying the paste twice a day will speed up the expected effect.

Abhai herb - it's worth it to try

Vegetable components color this kind of paste in an unusually dark color. In addition, it has a rather unpleasant flavor and taste.

However, due to its excellent disinfecting properties, this paste is widely used. It helps to cope with a number of gum problems and has a curative effect on the oral cavity as a whole.

In the composition of the paste:

  • extract of guava leaves;
  • peppermint oil;
  • essential oil of orange tree;
  • bark of mangosteen, worn to powder.

Five of the less popular, but still worthy of. ..

Other Thai toothpaste:

  1. Herbal Prim Perfect .This kind of paste resembles a powder for cleaning teeth. It perfectly disinfects the mouth of the Herbal Prim Perfect cavity and protects the enamel of the teeth from the appearance of an unpleasantly yellow coating.
  2. Twin Lotus Fresh Cool .This paste is suitable for use by people with increased sensitivity of teeth, because its components do not act as aggressively as in others. This paste is produced in tubes, which makes its application more convenient and familiar.
  3. Baan Somjeed .This paste can be used with a mild toothache, helping to temporarily calm it. The constituent elements have a local anesthetic effect and help improve the condition of the gums. Apply this paste and as a means of preventing oral diseases.
  4. Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste original .Pasta helps to cope with periodontal disease and prevents its occurrence and development. Having carried out product quality research in scientific laboratories, this product was certified on the territory of Russia. A good result is noticeable in the fight against certain types of viruses, as well as with the coating left by the bacteria.
  5. Borneo .Therapeutic toothpaste, used to heal mucous membrane damage to the mouth, for example, sores. Its use helps relieve sore throat and reduce the inflammatory process. All these properties are manifested due to the presence of medicinal ingredients in the paste.

Whitening effect?

It is believed that whitening Thai toothpaste can brighten teeth almost in one or two applications, while its composition is 100% natural.

It should be taken into account:

  1. It is necessary to take care when using these tools, it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist. whitening with Thai paste
  2. The whitening effect is mainly due to the mechanical effect of on tooth enamel. Clarification occurs due to the removal of coffee and tea deposits, pigmentation from smoking. Such an effect can have undesirable consequences: thinning of the enamel, opening of the dentin layer, which will increase the sensitivity of the teeth and weaken them.
  3. Do not bleach too hard , to avoid unplanned visits to the dental office.
  4. The use of Thai whitening pastes is better combined with traditional ones, and is used only for healthy teeth .

View of dentists

The opinions of dentists about the use of Thai toothpaste are different, that's what they leave:

In general, Herbal Prim Perfect is not bad, it has a healthy and antiseptic effect on the oral cavity. But, as a dentist, I want to warn people who use this toothpaste about observing caution.

I recommend to apply a very small amount of paste on the brush. If you take a quantity equal to the amount of regular gel paste, then the appearance of unpleasant consequences, such as a burning sensation of the mucosa and thinning of the enamel. Therefore, strictly follow the instructions.

Sergey Leonidovich, orthodontist

Pasta from Thailand is remarkably refreshing and has a real bleaching effect. But most pastas have a certificate of quality compliance, valid only in Thailand, and are more suitable for Asian-type teeth.

The teeth of Europeans are not quite the same in composition. Therefore, these means do not need to be used constantly and exceed the indicated amount for one cleaning. It is better to alternate the use of Thai toothpaste with traditional European toothpaste.

Dentist from Novosibirsk

As a dentist with ten years of experience, I can say that Thai pastas are not as harmless as they are represented. The main element of the composition is ordinary alumina with untreated granules and strong abrasive qualities.

Because of this, these pastes can only be used in combination with soft brushes and extremely rare. Otherwise, increased sensitivity and dim enamel are guaranteed. Also doubts are 100% natural, because preserving plant components without preservatives is impossible.

Nikon Kirillovich, 57

use of pasta Acquisition of toothpaste from Thailand for a complete replacement of traditional not quite the right solution. Such experiments can lead to undesirable consequences and result in significant expenses for the restoration of teeth in the dentist's office.

But the desire to experience the novelty is completely justified, most importantly - the lack of fanaticism.

With complete adherence to instructions, accuracy and correctness of use, Thai pasta will not cause harm, but will be useful.