Fluorolar tooth covering at home and in dentistry

fluorine lacquer for teeth Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, but is also prone to erasure due to the effects of bleaches, solid foods, aggressive environments.

The wiped enamel makes the teeth sensitive, which brings suffering when cleaning and eating. One way to restore the enamel of the teeth is to coat them with fluorine lacquer.

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  • What kind of miracle substance is this?
  • What's in the composition?
  • Mechanism of exposure
  • To whom the remedy is needed right now
  • We go to the dentistry
  • We can do everything ourselves
  • It's really effective
  • The price of the question

What kind of miracle substance is this?

Fluorolac is a medicinal product that is applied to the teeth to strengthen the enamel. Protective coating protects the surface from destruction, development of caries, periodontitis and other dental diseases.

The procedure leads to the formation of a mineral - a substance much harder than enamel - capable of protecting the teeth for several m


This process has a second name - deep fluoridation, a method that is used to treat teeth in adults and children.

Fluoride is necessary for the human body along with calcium and phosphorus. The disadvantage is manifested by fragility of bones and teeth, a violation of hematopoiesis and a slowdown in the overall development of the body.

The use of toothpaste with fluoride does not have a therapeutic effect on enamel. Therefore, dentists recommend the use of fluorine lacquer, so that tooth enamel is not destroyed, and the teeth remain healthy.

Fluorolac is used in cases of hypersensitivity of the teeth, even if it is not associated with damage to the protective layers.

The advantages of using the tool include:

  • prevention of destruction;protection of teeth
  • treatment of microtraumas and cracks;
  • restoration of enamel;
  • enamel reinforcement after ultrasonic cleaning;
  • prevention of caries in children and adolescents.

According to experts, tooth enamel can be protected from destruction, but it is much harder to restore. Therefore, in the presence of the slightest prerequisites for the use of fluorolac, the procedure should not be neglected.

What's in the composition?

Ftorlak contains the main component of sodium fluoride and other auxiliary substances, such as shellac, fir balsam, ethyl alcohol and chloroform.

It is a dark brown viscous liquid with a coniferous aroma. The composition belongs to anti-caries preparations, developed by the Russian company "Omega-Dent" and is produced in small bottles with a volume of 12 ml.

Fluoride varnish is absolutely safe for the body, but you must strictly follow the instructions for use. The composition is applied with a special applicator, after which a thin protective film forms on the treated surface.

fluorine makeup

Mechanism of action

The resulting film protects the tooth enamel for a long time. In addition to the main property, the composition saturates the enamel with fluoride and has a destructive effect on bacteria in the oral cavity and destroys the teeth by accumulation in the plaque and release of acid during the digestion of glucose.

Isolated acid gradually, and sometimes rapidly, leads to complete destruction, which is counteracted by fluoralk.

If the enamel has microcracks, the mineral represented in the force can narrow them. It is able to draw calcium from the saliva, which occurs to saturation of the enamel with minerals, as a result of which its structure is restored. Also, the product increases the life of the seals, which is no less important.

Who needs the product now

Anyone can use fluorine liquor, even if the enamel is in good condition - it is necessary to prevent destruction.

Goals and situations where the tool is recommended for use:

  • prevention of caries in adolescents and children living in areas with low fluoride content in water;
  • sensitivity of teeth to aggressive environment;
  • if there are demineralization sites on the surface of the teeth - these are chalk marks and roughness on the enamel;
  • mechanical dental trauma;
  • effects of cleaning teeth by ultrasound;
  • wedge-shaped defect;
  • during the procedure for turning the teeth before installing the crowns.

protection of teeth from dental caries It is possible to apply fluoralk for the treatment of children 6 years old, since there are practically no contraindications for its use. Sometimes in critical situations, the fluoridation procedure is used at an earlier age.

Cautions include hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, endemic fluorosis( a disease characterized by an excess of fluoride in the body) and hypersensitivity.

After contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, a slight burning sensation occurs.

We go to dentistry

Before dental fluoride coating, the dentist pre-cleans teeth from plaque and stones, and then performs the following actions:

  • isolating teeth with cotton swabs to dry;
  • application of the substance with a special brush starting from the lower jaw to prevent the accumulation of saliva( the doctor should not allow the drug to enter the gums, tongue, mucous surface of the cheeks).

In conclusion, the patient sits with his mouth open for several minutes to dry the dentition. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, if you have not spent a lot of time cleaning your teeth.

Dentists do not recommend eating solid foods( carrots, apples) during the day. To enhance the effect, the procedure must be repeated 3 more times for several days.

You can do everything yourself and

You can also cover your teeth with fluoro-lacquer at home - there's no difficulty in this. The main thing is to buy the drug, because it can not always be bought at the pharmacy. It is better to order it in a store specializing in the sale of dental products.

Self-contained application includes several stages: varnishing on teeth

  • to begin with, the surfaces to be treated must be wiped with a cotton swab;
  • should then isolate the teeth with tampons from the lips and cheeks to dry;
  • on the cotton swab from the tube squeezes out a little of the drug and, starting with the lower jaw, apply the agent on the tooth surface with a thin layer;
  • at the end of the procedure, you must sit with your mouth open for 4-5 minutes - during this time the varnish dries.

It is not recommended to take solid food for 12 hours and brush your teeth to avoid cracking in the formed film. It can be difficult to apply fluoralk on your side teeth. The problem can be solved only with the help of relatives.

To fix the result, the procedure is repeated 2-3 times with an interval of 2 days. To protect your teeth from destruction, you can use the product in six months.

After coating the teeth in the enamel, the concentration of fluorine increases, which is beneficial - in the early stages of demineralization, tooth enamel absorbs fluorine more actively.

The substance is applied quickly, it does not need additional medical equipment. The use of a special varnish enriched with fluorine minimizes the process of demineralization of tooth enamel and prevents the formation of caries.

This is really effective

From the feedback of people who have covered their teeth with fluorine, you can draw a lot of important conclusions.

Several months ago, I had unpleasant sensations related to the sensitivity of teeth. It hurt, even when I cleaned them. Then white spots began to appear, which increased. I just changed the paste, I was afraid to go to the dentist.

When it was decided, it turned out that my tooth enamel had disintegrated and the doctor advised me to carry out several fluoride coating procedures. I did 5 sessions of coverage. The session lasts for a short time and did not hurt. The effect is obvious - the teeth have ceased to feel everything and there are no new spots on the teeth.

Наталья, 28 years old, Voronezh

After the birth of a child, she once felt a pain in all her teeth, could not drink or eat. The dentist found cracks on the enamel and worn out areas, prescribed fluorination with varnish.

Carried out several sessions, changed the brush and paste, but after a week the sensitivity was not lost, but the pain in the wisdom tooth began, it is beginning to erupt. She rinsed her teeth with a decoction of chamomile and a solution of soda, the swelling from the gums and pain came off, and then the sensation disappeared.

Maria, 25 years old, Kiev

Recently passed this procedure with a child of 2.5 years, fell on the asphalt and a little bit cracked the front tooth. The dentist advised fluorinated coating.

Given the age and activity of the baby, did everything quickly, he did not even have time to react. We did one session, but the baby does not cry during feeding and does not complain about the sick teeth.

Julia, 30, Moscow


before and after coating with varnish The price of fluoride coating in dental clinics is 50-80 rubles per tooth. For Moscow and the region prices can be higher - from 100 rubles per tooth.

For use at home, you can buy a composition in specialized stores for the sale of dental products at a price of 350-400 rubles per bottle with a capacity of 12 ml or 13 ml. Purchase through online stores will be cheaper - from 250 rubles.

The use of fluoride varnish to cover the teeth will help restore the destroyed enamel, preserve the fillings, prevent cavities and cope with other problems. The procedure is inexpensive and available to many in dental clinics and at home.