How to safely and effectively take Ketanov with toothache

ketones Pain is a signal from the body that reports a pathology that involves a destructive process. One of the unpleasant forms of pain is considered by many to be dental.

Most often, the presence of a toothache indicates developing caries, flux, or tooth decay. At its occurrence it is necessary to address for consultation to the expert.

In the case when it is impossible to do this for a number of reasons, analgesics come to the aid. To the most effective drugs, relieving of toothache, can be attributed Ketanov.


  • Ketanov - the strongest of the allowed
  • Sometimes possible undesirable and unpredictable effect
  • Use in dentistry
  • Scheme for the preparation of
    • Use of the tablet form of the preparation
    • How to inject injections
  • Special groups of people
  • Special instructions
  • Possible side effects and overdose
  • More informationin the reviews of

Ketanov - he is the strongest of the allowed

Ketanov is a medical preparation that exerts anti-in

flammatory and expressionennoe analgesic effect on the body. Its active ingredient is Ketorolac. By its action, the drug is compared with morphine.

However, unlike him, Ketanov does not affect the breathing system and the work of the heart muscles. There is no effect on the psychomotor function of the body.

The drug actively acts on the disintegration of arachidonic acid, which is the precursor of pain.

Approximately one hour after taking the drug, it is absorbed in the blood plasma. The patient notices a significant improvement - the pain subsides, there is an effect on the inflammation focus and tissues exposed to edema.

Sometimes undesirable and unpredictable effect is possible.

The drug is a potent analgesic. He is very effective in combating acute pain, but almost never ketones in tablets is prescribed in the fight against its chronic forms.

Mainly, this is due to the fact that the drug is excreted from the body through the kidneys. Therefore, with long-term admission, the drug is able to harm them, in the same way as the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, Ketanov has a lot of contraindications, as it causes side effects, among which - bleeding.

Use in dentistry

Ketanov has a wide range of action, and is also used to arrest various types of pain. Very often the method is used in dentistry.

The active ingredients in the drug inhibit platelet aggregation, which significantly reduces inflammation. In this case, the medicine struggles not only with the symptom of the disease, but also helps to influence the cause of its appearance.

Indications for use of Ketanov in dentistry are as follows:

  • parodontosis;parodontosis
  • carious formations;
  • flux and its attendant symptoms;
  • Disease of the Dental Nerve;
  • corneal root system;
  • pulpitis;
  • dentite.
In the case when the toothache is chronic, associated with damage to the enamel or other factors, the Ketanov should be contraindicated. In these cases, there is a risk of receiving major complications from admission. The drug is used strictly for acute toothache of various genesis.

However, it should be understood that a visit to a specialist in the event of a toothache is mandatory. The drug is contraindicated for a long time, since the drug, although it has a positive effect, can also do harm.

Dosage regimen of

Ketanov can be used in two ways - orally and intramuscularly with injections.

Use of the tablet form of the preparation

In the first case, one tablet( 10 mg) is prescribed for every 6 hours from toothache. It is strictly forbidden to take the drug more often.

The number of tablets the doctor sets individually, depending on the disease. But, longer than a week, take no appointments.

Sometimes it happens that the doctor repels and the weight of the patient. It is believed that the active substance of one tablet is enough for 60 kg of weight.

When the weight exceeds this figure twice, it is allowed to use two tablets. Accordingly, if the weight does not reach the mark of 50 kg, then the tablet should be divided into half. The same principle works in the presence of kidney disease, or reaching the age of more than 65 years.

The drug is recommended to use after eating, squeezed with a lot of liquid. You can feel the action in an hour. The effect will be kept in the region of five hours. From the body the drug is completely excreted after two days.

How to put pricks

When taking the drug parenterally for the first time, 10 mg of Ketanov is administered, the further administration depends on the existing disease. The volume of injections of Ketanov of the injected fluid varies from 10 mg to 30 mg.

In this case, the interval is slightly shorter, it can be 4 hours. But most often, doctors adhere to a 6-hour interval. This method of administration is practiced with acute need and observance of the most minimal doses. The maximum duration of treatment is two days.

Special groups of people

Patients of advanced age should take the remedy with the greatest care, preferably in reduced doses.

Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases should also follow the doses and take the medication with caution, preferably if this is done under the supervision of a physician.

Because the active ingredients of the medication affect platelets, special attention should be paid to patients with toothache problems with clotting.

Admission of Ketanov to children under the age of 16 is categorically prohibited. For someone who suffers from a blood circulation disorder, taking the drug may result in the appearance of edema.

Acute side effects may appear in people with lung diseases, liver and kidney disorders, as well as bone marrow.

In all trimesters of pregnancy and during the period of feeding, the use of the drug is prohibited.

Special instructions

Use of ketorolac with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided at the same time. In this case, the risk of bleeding increases.

It is also not desirable to use the drug together with a group of inhibitors. In tandem, they can have a significant negative impact on kidney function. When administered together with furosemide, its immediate diuretic function decreases.

Active active substance of the drug is not addictive, as it is not included in the list of active agonists. However, there may be drowsiness and slowing of psychomotor reactions. Therefore, during reception, it is undesirable to drive vehicles.

Possible side effects and overdose

This remedy for toothache is strong enough, so its administration has a number of side effects that can manifest itself to varying degrees.

These include:

  • drowsiness and decreased activity;drowsiness
  • migraine and dizziness;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system, accompanied by nightmares and irritability;
  • stool disorder, nausea, stomach pain;
  • hyperkinesia and asthenia;
  • increased heart rate and sweating;
  • when injected parenterally, pain is possible at the injection site.

During the administration of the drug, there is a possibility of an overdose. It can be determined by the following signs: nausea, impaired renal function, ulcerative lesions of the stomach or intestines, abdominal pain.

To eliminate the effects of an overdose, it is necessary to wash the gastrointestinal tract and absorb the absorbents.

More information in the reviews

Ketanov really helps with pain of various origins, including from the tooth, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

When I first met Ketanov, the situation was really stalemate. Before the visit to his dentist, the tooth began to ache badly. It's good that I had my doctor's number, which, unfortunately, I could not get with acute pain, because it's very problematic to go through the whole city.

A dentist advised to buy Ketanov, but they refused to sell in a pharmacy without a prescription. Seeing my long-suffering face, the pharmacist took pity. Then the drug helped me a lot, took it to the note.

Alina( Voronezh)

And I Ketanova earned herself problems with the stomach. But I'm to blame for this, because instead of going to the doctor, I swallowed the pills with such frequency, which should not be. Now I take this very potent medicine very carefully.

Inna( Moscow)

Strong enough medicine. I think it should be taken in the most extreme cases. I myself took it as prescribed by the doctor after the removal of wisdom teeth. It should be noted that he greatly facilitated my state at that time. It's hard to imagine how I would have survived the pain without him.

Vitaliy( Yekaterinburg)

In our family this medicine is taken by the husband. Toothache is quite a frequent phenomenon for him. Of course, he does not want to treat his teeth, he can not give in to any persuasion. Since childhood, he is afraid of dentists. So only it is saved.

Julia( Cheboksary)

taking pills Thus, it can be concluded that Ketanov is a very strong medicine. But its use contains a lot of nuances.

Therefore, before you begin taking pills or injecting, you should thoroughly study the instructions.

In some cases, it is more reasonable to endure pain so as not to harm the body.

In other cases, Ketanov is the ideal solution, which will not make you wait long for the result.