Rinse mouth conditioner CB12 - freshness and cleanliness of breathing

SV12 Such an unpleasant phenomenon as a pernicious smell from the mouth can lie in wait for any person and, as a rule, most often it is caused by a banal inattention to its oral cavity, somewhat less likely to be a consequence of this or that disease.

With improper care, not observing personal hygiene, bacteria accumulate on the tongue and tooth enamel - their development can be accompanied by caries and periodontitis, gingivitis and stomatitis, herpes.

Another reason for the appearance of bad breath is dryness of the mucosa - a decrease in pressure or inhalation through the mouth, smoking or alcohol consumption, can provoke such an unpleasant situation.

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      • Internal Problems

        • Internal Problems
        • Rinsing Agent CB12 - Emergency Assistance
        • Features of the formulation
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        • In a dry and pleasantly smelling residue

Internal problems

Talking about what internal diseases cause an unpleasant smell,it is worth saying that it provokes it:

  • infectious airway disease , such as bronchiectasis and lung abscesses and the throat and larynx region;
  • problems associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract , in particular, in this case it is a question of diagnosing diseases such as gastritis and gastroduodenitis, stomach ulcers and so on;
  • chronic disease of the nasopharynx - tonsillitis and rhinitis, when the pathogenic microflora shows itself an unpleasant odor;
  • hepatic and renal failure , as well as azotemia, diabetes, when the smell acquires a sweet-musty shade of decay or fish.

Rinser CB12 - emergency aid

CB12 is a rinse that can neutralize the unpleasant odor in the mouth by binding volatile substances resulting from certain reactions occurring in the oral cavity and provoked by an imbalance of a healthy microflora.plaque

It is these substances that form a raid on the tongue and teeth, creating a breeding ground for the development and reproduction of bacteria. The main thing in this case is to eliminate the very reason for the appearance of fetid odor, in particular, preventing the multiplication of bacteria, their growth.

In this case, CB12 will help in this - its composition allows you to fight the pathogenic microflora, while other rinse only mask the smell, giving a more persistent fresh fragrance to breathing.

Produced in Switzerland, has its own patented formula and its own unique in its characteristics composition - it was developed by experienced specialists of one of the oldest and most respected universities in Oslo.

The presented rinse aid has no similar in the world - it has no analogues as a product that eliminates unpleasant odor and stops all pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic microflora of the mouth.

Features of the composition

The conditioner itself is produced in the tuba format, the volume of which is 250 ml, and contains the following components in its composition:

  • zinc acetate - 3%;
  • chlorhexidine 0.025%;
  • sodium fluoride - 0.05%;
  • alcohol base - 1.7%, as well as menthol fragrance.

If we consider the composition of the rinse aid according to its main three components: respiratory apparatus

  1. Zinc acetate perfectly neutralizes, by binding among themselves, the volatile sulfur compounds produced by the pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity, which is the cause of the unpleasant odor.
  2. Chlorhexidine is an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial component that inhibits the multiplication of microbes and bacteria in the oral cavity, leading to the formation of a stench in the mouth, and also removes the inflammatory processes of the gums.
  3. Sodium fluoride - is able to strengthen the enamel of the tooth and have an anti-corrosion effect, and also helps to suppress the reproduction of pathogenic microflora in the mouth, acting as an antiseptic.

Recommendations for use

Apply rinse aid CB12 in the morning - so it gives protection from an unpleasant smell for 12 hours or twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, getting protection of the mouth for 24 hours. To do this, just rinse the mouth cavity for 40-60 seconds after spitting out the liquid.

Many rinse their mouths immediately after a morning brushing of teeth and in this case the presence of sodium fluoride in the rinse has an excellent preventive effect from enamel caries.

how to apply CB12 rinse

It is forbidden to swallow - after rinsing the mouth should be spit into the sink. It is not recommended to use CB12 as a food additive.

Expert opinion of

Without pretending to be true in the last resort, we recommend to study the opinion of the dentist about the conditioner. 12.

The composition of the presented rinse aid is quite good - CB12 for longer than others eliminates the unpleasant odor and its effect is determined by the presence of zinc acetate in it. Although the remedy only masks the smell and if the patient stops using it - unpleasant breathing returns.

The rinse aid itself does not eliminate the main causes - CB12 is a symptomatic remedy, eliminating this or that manifestation of the disease, the root cause. It's like paracetamol from temperature - the latter lowers it, but does not fight with what caused its rise.

Along with this, its content of antiseptic chlorhexidine does not allow its use for a long time - it is optimal to use conditioner for no more than 2-3 weeks .

As the manufacturers say - the percentage of chlorhexidine in the drug miseren and will not lead to dysbacteriosis in the mouth. Although this is not true, since it is recommended to use this component for rinsing and eliminating pathogenic microflora in the mouth, no more than 10 days are recommended.

A smaller percentage of the concentration will not work, and longer use will cause the bacteria to become accustomed to this antiseptic and, as a consequence, there will be a decrease in its effectiveness.

Anatoly, 43, a practicing dentist, with 12 years of experience

A word to ordinary people

The comments of ordinary people about the use of a CB12 rinse aid for removing odor from the mouth help to clarify the situation finally.

After looking at the advertisement, I purchased the CB12 remedy - the chewing gum is of course chewing gum, but it does not always save from stale breath, and my stomach does not react to it in the best way.

From myself I can say that the conditioner itself is convenient to use, and the mint flavor cools the mouth cavity, making the breath fresh and pleasant.

And here among the shortcomings - a few tweaks the mouth after use, leaving a bitter aftertaste after use. In addition, the cost is quite high, enough - for a short while, especially when using it in the morning and in the evening. Therefore, I use this tool as needed, saving.

Svetlana, 29 years old

As far as I know from myself and heard from friends - CB12 is the only remedy able to eliminate the smell from the mouth. Those that I used before, simply could not cope with the task, and this drug helps in this matter, while also strengthening the tooth enamel in parallel, putting protection against caries.

The only thing that confuses - the cost of a conditioner, despite the fact that its components are worth a penny, but in the end - the price is unacceptably high. Means are not enough even for a month, with all its economical expenditure.

Anna, 46 years old

Due to the fact that my work is directly related to communicating with people - fresh breath for me, this is part of the image and therefore CB12 became for me a kind of wand by the help.

It provides fresh breath and is very convenient to use, but I will say right away - if you have a stomach problem, the effect will not be effective. It is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist and treat the problem itself, rather than eliminate the primary symptoms.

In everything else - CB12 I really liked, it gives an effect that really lasts for 12 hours, so I'm happy to share my positive experience in its application.

Igor, 22 years old

Price of the issue

mouth rinse Depending on the point of sale, whether it is a pharmacy or a store, the price of a CB12 rinse aid can range from 780 to 870 rubles.

It should be noted that there are no analogues of it and therefore it is hardly possible to find a worthy replacement when it will be necessary to choose from less efficient but more affordable ones.

It is necessary to choose between quality and quantity, giving preference or a positive result in the form of fresh breath for a long time or less expensive, but with a result of just a couple of hours.

In a dry and pleasantly smelling residue of

It's worth noting that CB12 is very effective, but it's worth using very carefully. In this case, the rinse aid is best used in courses - use it for no more than 3 weeks, then it's worth taking a break for a month.

Also it can be used periodically - before important business meetings or a date, when it is important to make a good impression. It is also very convenient to use and on the road, when there is no way to brush your teeth, and you need to refresh the oral cavity.

If we talk about the constant use of rinsers - it is optimal to choose those that do not contain antiseptics in their composition, but more will contain natural essential oils, sodium fluoride, menthol.