Treatment of diseases of teeth with a laser is modern and painless

laser treatment of teeth Modern dentistry has reached unprecedented heights, and going to the doctor is now not terrible for either adults or children. Painful manipulation is the last century.

At this stage, the main task of the dentist: to do everything in the best possible way without pain and tears. You do not have to argue about quality: snow-white, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile - this is the result of going to a professional.


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features laser dentistry

greatestToday the services of laser dentistry are popular. This industry is quite "young", but has already managed to gather a decent base of customers who are satisfied with the result.

Every day their list is replenished, and all thanks to the fact tha

t with the help of the laser it is possible not only to cure teeth from caries, take care of the root canals of the teeth, get rid of gum disease, but also to whitewash the enamel, to clean it and to avoid excessive sensitivity.

What is important, painless dental laser treatment is recommended for both adults and children, and there is no exception even for pregnant women, since manipulations are performed without anesthesia.

During the procedure, there is no need either in the drill or in the injections - all procedures are carried out by directing the laser beam with the laser treatment of teeth with a special frequency of waves to the affected area, which must be cured.

By impact on substances, the beam neutralizes their action, heals, eliminating the problem quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, not all clinics have the opportunity to use a laser, but they are striving for this, since beyond laser dentistry is the future.

Advantages of using laser technologies

The lasers used in dentistry are first of all distinguished by their speed of operation, accuracy, lack of heating, anesthesia and other unpleasant sensations that are characteristic for the treatment with a drill and old methods. These qualities dictate their advantages of treatment:

  • absolute painlessness of procedures;
  • rapid healing;
  • impossibility of infection of tissues due to complete absence of contact with the device;
  • complete absence of bleeding due to "sealing" vessels;
  • operations performed with a laser are highly accurate and completely free of side effects;
  • no age limit, allowed to women in an "interesting position";
  • absence of negative perception: the device does not make noise, its heating is absent;
  • complete destruction at the site where a laser of microbes and bacteria was used.

Disadvantages also have

Although laser treatment procedures are almost perfect, but they still have their disadvantages:

  • is the biggest disadvantage - quite high price for treatment: in view of the fact that ultra-modern equipment is used, the prices for it are very high, and this dictates itscost for services;
  • if the tooth is almost destroyed, laser treatment will be powerless;
  • important point - the qualification of the doctor who makes the treatment: if he's on the "you" with the laser, everything will go fine, and if you get a beginner who accidentally touches the soft tissue, the procedure can feel pain and long healing wounds on the tissues;
  • has not yet thoroughly studied the effect of the laser on the body.

Laser therapy for caries

caries therapy In order for laser treatment of caries to be most effective, it is necessary to seek the help of a dentist immediately after the problem is detected.

At the initial stage, it can be done faster without letting the infection spread. The tip of the laser unit does not contact the tooth surface during the treatment. With the help of a directional beam, only the affected areas of the tooth are affected, thus the tissues are changed, and with them pathogenic microorganisms.

Its pros have this procedure: by the time it occurs much faster than the standard procedure, using a drill.

Full sterilization of the damaged area does not allow developing secondary caries. What is important, in healthy tissues the procedure does not lead to the appearance of microcracks.

Minuses of laser treatment of caries are also present: the procedure is quite expensive. In addition, only the treatment of directly affected tissue will be relevant, deeper lesions do not lend themselves to the laser.

Treatment of caries with erbium laser:

Teeth whitening

Unfortunately, not everyone can preserve the whiteness of teeth, given by nature, because of the use of coloring products( coffee, tea, juices), bad habits( smoking), so people use bleachteeth, which is not always beneficial and the desired result.

Today, all those wishing to refresh their smile, make it brilliant, can sign up for a procedure of laser bleaching, the result of which the Teeth Whitening will surely be satisfied, as unlike the old methods, this service does not violate the enamel, does not provoke the appearance of microcracks. Laser whitening will not only make the teeth white, but also strengthen the enamel itself, thereby improving it.

The procedure begins with precautions and protection: eyes are worn on the eyes of the patient, a special expander is used for the lips so that they do not close during the procedure, and special protection is also placed on the gums to avoid damaging the soft tissues.

An oxygen-containing gel is applied to the teeth, after which the doctor begins to work on the enamel with a directional laser beam. Thanks to this process, atomic oxygen is released, deeply penetrating and removing all the coloring substances from it.

The bleaching time is from fifteen to thirty minutes. After the first procedure, the enamel will lighten to six or eight shades. What is characteristic, even the most neglected teeth respond to laser whitening.

After laser bleaching, the teeth will never become as yellow as before, keeping the whiteness. At the same time, the enamel itself is strengthened, the sensitivity of the teeth to various stimuli is prevented.

Whatever the ideal laser whitening, there are contraindications:

  • age to 16 years;
  • is allergic to substances that are part of special drugs;
  • chronic diseases during an exacerbation;
  • increased pulp tooth;
  • pregnancy, PKG;
  • wearing braces;
  • tooth decay, periodontal disease.

Curettage of the periodontal pocket

A popular procedure today - the curettage of the periodontal pocket allows you to remove the epithelial cells from the walls of the pocket. In this case, the granulation tissue evaporates. What is important, this method allows the ray to penetrate into the deepest areas of the periodontal.

The huge plus of laser treatment is the fact that the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention does not need to be covered with bandages, since the postoperative period passes very quickly, without bleeding. After the procedure, there are no restrictions on food intake.

Getting rid of tartar

removal of stone from teeth Dental stone is not only an unpleasant formation, ugly aesthetically, but also harmful for the teeth themselves due to the bacteria in it and various microelements. Therefore, if you care about your health, you should get rid of tartar.

The procedure for processing teeth with a laser beam will help to get rid of the old stone and plaque painlessly and very quickly.

A stream of air and water, combined with a laser beam, is able to wash even the sub-stone, thereby brightening the tooth for a couple of tones. Having performed this procedure, you will get not only clean, bright teeth, but also antibacterial treatment of the oral cavity.

Treatment of cysts

Treatment of a cyst by a laser is not so painful, but characterized by high efficiency. For the treatment to reach the problem site, it will still be necessary to use the drill( to get to the root of the root and directly the cyst itself - if the tooth itself is intact).

If the tooth is affected by tooth decay, then the drill can be eliminated by applying exclusively the beam at all stages. So, having reached the root of the root with a directed beam, the specialist works on the cyst, thereby removing the microbes and healing the damaged areas. Upon termination of treatment the seal is established.

Overheard in the hospital

Laser treatment of teeth is popular and in demand, which is confirmed by the patients' testimonials.

Long decided, go to fill the tooth in a regular clinic or treat with a laser. The price of a fashionable treatment is of course "biting", but the sound of the drill is still more terrible. Therefore, I preferred the laser and did not regret: absolutely painlessly and qualitatively healed my tooth.

Sergey, 36 years old

During repeated meetings with the dentist, I have a horrible hike to specialists in this field, but there is nothing to do and I have to treat my teeth. Thank God, they told me about laser treatment. After the procedure, the phobia as a hand was removed, and the teeth look great.

Irina, 52 years

Expert opinion

Doctors who know firsthand about laser treatment, unanimously assert its high efficiency. laser dentistry

Given the quality of the procedures and their effectiveness, painlessness and complete absence of complications, plus all the patient's calmness due to the lack of drill, anesthesia, the price is fully justified.

In principle, everyone can afford the procedure, considering that even after treatment of caries on the same tooth a secondary disease will not be observed, and this is already saving on the next visit.

Price overview

As for pricing policy, it is not the same even within the same city. On average, the procedure should be prepared:

  • surface caries - from 800 to 200 rubles.
  • deep caries - from 1000 to 10000 rub.
  • treatment of stomatitis - 750 rub.
  • treatment of cysts - 8000 rub.
  • curettage - 2700 rub.
  • retraction of the gum - 450 rub.
  • teeth whitening - 14000 - 18000 rub.

If for you quality and health stand in the first place, then your teeth should be taken care of with a laser: specialists will get rid of all possible diseases of the oral cavity and will perform procedures for whitening and professional cleaning of teeth, making your smile snowless and unique without pain,fear, blood.