Rinse your mouth with soda and hydrogen peroxide

mouth rinse with peroxide and soda Soda and hydrogen peroxide are almost equally popular in folk medicine and home care.

They are especially often used to prevent and eliminate oral diseases, bad breath and teeth whitening at home.

To obtain a positive effect, you must adhere to the proportions during the preparation of solutions.


  • Indications for rinsing
    • Diseases of the mucosa and gums
    • Diseases of the teeth
  • Can I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide?
    • How to prepare a solution of
    • How to rinse your teeth?
  • Action of soda and salt
    • How to prepare a solution
  • Patient's opinion

Indications for rinsing

Some diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth, gums and teeth are well treated with these available means. And in combination they give an even faster and better effect.

Diseases of the mucosa and gums

Rinsing of the oral cavity with soda and hydrogen peroxide is indicated for such diseases as:

  • Chronic periodontitis

    Chronic periodontitis


  • gingivitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • periodontitis;
  • other diseases of the gums.

For the procedure, you can use a solution of both substances or from each of them separately. The result is achieved in the first and second cases.

Both soda and hydrogen peroxide have disinfecting properties, the ability to kill many microbes and bacteria. It is these properties that allow them to quickly cope with diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Diseases of the teeth

cyst tooth Proven for many generations and proven the effectiveness of these tools in the treatment of teeth, as well as in their bleaching. Rinsing with a peroxide solution is used to prevent caries and bad breath. It is great for additional cleansing of the mouth.

Rinse with soda solution allows to reduce soreness and inflammation in case of tooth cyst formation. It is recommended to rinse and treat caries.

A mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide can have a bleaching effect on teeth. And their low cost makes this tool the most affordable in comparison with others.

Can I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide?

hydrogen peroxide formula Peroxide has a very powerful effect. Even a small amount of it in a solution or medical device allows achieving the desired result for teeth and gums.

But in order to rinse with a solution brought only good, it should be properly prepared.

How to prepare a solution

To prepare a therapeutic solution, take 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 glass( 200 ml) of clean, warm water, mix well. The result is a 3% solution. It is in this concentration that the agent is usually used for rinsing the oral cavity.

Important point: during the preparation, hydrogen peroxide must be poured into the water, and in no case the reverse.

How do I rinse my teeth?

how to rinse your teeth The main rule for rinsing - do not allow the solution to enter the digestive tract. Hydrogen peroxide, due to its properties, can cause significant damage to the walls of the stomach and esophagus.

For rinsing a small amount of freshly prepared solution should be taken into the mouth and rinsed for 7-10 minutes.

The liquid should be spit periodically. This time is enough for disinfection of the mouth and teeth. Rinse should be repeated 2-3 times a day or as needed.

Action of soda and salt

Soda in combination with salt is able to provide analgesic effect. A solution of these substances is used to relieve and treat acute toothache, inflammation of the gums, mucous membranes and removal of edema.

How to prepare a solution of

Salt and soda for stomatitis For the preparation of a soda solution with salt, in one glass of warm, clean water, dissolve the soda and salt in a 1: 1 ratio. It must be prepared every time just before rinsing.

You can apply this solution unlimited number of times during the day, it is absolutely harmless.

If a rinse is used to treat a toothache, you need to put some solution into your mouth and try to concentrate it in the area of ​​the problem tooth.

How to take soda and hydrogen peroxide:

Opinion of patients

reviews These remedies have been used by people for a long time to treat gum and tooth diseases. And many of them have tried on themselves and not once.

That's why there are so many reviews about the treatment with a solution of soda and peroxide. And the vast majority of them are positive.

Almost everyone who used soda and peroxide to treat certain diseases of the teeth or mucous membranes of the mouth noted improvement after several applications. Relief usually comes after the first procedure.

The tooth hurt very badly. The day was a day off, and there was no opportunity to apply for emergency help to the dentist. My sister advised me to rinse my mouth with soda and salt, or rather their warm solution. To my surprise, the sick tooth began to whine less after the second rinse. And by the evening and at all the pain was quiet.

Alexander, 29 years old

For a long time I suffered a delicate problem - bad breath. Once I read about the use of peroxide in such cases and decided to try. The smell really disappeared. Now I rinse my mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide regularly.

Elena, 35 years old

I recently had to experience a "childhood" disease of stomatitis. Before the visit to the doctor I decided to try a folk remedy. Throughout the day, every 2-3 hours, she rinsed her mouth with a warm solution of soda and peroxide. The next morning the amount of plaque markedly decreased, and after 4 days it completely disappeared.

Maria, 32 years old

In a huge variety of medicines, do not forget about the simplest and most accessible ones. Often it is the familiar and inexpensive means that are surprisingly effective.