How much does it cost to build up a tooth

Tooth Extension Extension is deservedly considered to be the most sparing way to restore the dentition. The procedure implies simultaneous restoration of the aesthetics and functionality of the damaged tooth.

Ideally, after the completion of manipulation of the dentist, the artificial enamel will be invisible to the eye of others. Obviously, in this case it is a question of paid services of a qualified specialist.

To answer the question about the cost of this kind of procedure can be only ambiguous, because the price depends on many factors, among which:

  • method of carrying out the recovery procedure( the most significant);
  • volume of restoration works;
  • terms of work;
  • required number of visits;
  • the cost of the restoration material.


  • Tooth Extension with Composite Material
    • How much does it cost to build a tooth with a composite?
  • Restoration of the dentition with ceramic linings
    • Price issue
  • Restoring the tooth with the help of crowns
    • Cheap and almost not angry
  • Restoring the dentition with the
    • pins How much should I put?
  • How much does it take to grow a canine

Tooth Extension with Composite Material

restoration of teeth of photopolymers

Photo before and after tooth restoration with a photopolymer

The easiest method of building teeth is photopolymer restoration, which allows to cover the cavity after treatment of caries and restore the tooth crown, giving it a natural appearance.

Restorative material in this case is compatible with dental tissues, does not provoke irritation of the mucosa. The composition of polymers contains fluoride, which helps the enamel to recover after serious disturbances.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it is not necessary to remove the root of the tooth, as a result of which the latter remains alive. It should also be noted that time is saved: it is enough to visit the dentist's office only once to restore the dentition.

As a rule, reconstitution with composite material is resorted to in case of need for minor restoration of the tooth and masking spots on the enamel.

How much does it cost to build a tooth with a composite?

The average cost of building a tooth with the method described is 3000-4000 rubles ( per tooth).

Restoration of a very small chip will cost approximately 1500-2000 rubles .

Restoration of the dentition with ceramic lining

before and after lumineers

Photo before and after installation of lumineers

Ceramic pads( veneers and lumineers) will help create a "Hollywood" smile, used to eliminate minor defects in the front teeth: small clefts, interdental spaces, darkening of the enamel.

Veneers are thin but very strong plates that securely attach to the surface of the tooth. The main drawback of this kind of dental procedure is the need to grind the tooth enamel, so often resort to the use of lumineers.

veneers before and after

Before and after installation of

veneers Such designs are presented in the form of ceramic plates, which are so thin that they allow to keep the enamel unscathed. In addition, lumineers are much easier to remove.

The cost of augmenting the front teeth with ceramic linings directly depends on the material used. Lumineers and veneers are ceramic and zirconium. The latter option is almost twice as expensive.

In addition, when calculating the cost of the procedure, it should be borne in mind that two front teeth are subjected to the installation of the restoration linings.

This is necessary to eliminate the thickness difference between two adjacent teeth in the area of ​​a smile. Thus, it is possible to install a veneer( lumineer) on a healthy tooth.

Price issue

Approximate price of this type of procedure is 25000-35000 rubles ( one tooth).

Restoring the tooth with the help of the

crown setting crowns. If the tooth is badly damaged, the patient is offered augmentation with the help of crowns. In the absence of allergies to metals, classical ceramic-metal crowns are used, otherwise only artificial ones - made of zirconium oxide, or ceramic ones - will fit the patient.

The whole process of tooth restoration is conditionally divided into two stages. Immediately the doctor prepares the tooth surface, sharpening it and eliminating the affected elements, then removes the impression for the crown.

Cheap and almost not angry

All the measures for restoration of the tooth with the use of ceramic( cermet) crowns will cost from 4500 to 11000 rubles ( for one tooth).

Using artificial crowns will raise the price by 1.5 times.

Restoration of the dentition with the help of

pins. A pin is called a pin, which is intended to serve as a support for the tooth. The material of the product is titanium or fiberglass.

pin The use of this technology is justified only if the tooth has been fractured by more than 50%.The process includes the following steps:

  • X-ray;
  • computer simulation;
  • pin installation;
  • forming the "tip" of the tooth.

After all the manipulations the tooth remains alive and in most cases it serves for many more years.

How much do you need to shell out?

When calculating the cost of services in this case, you should focus on the price of building teeth with a filling material.

To this figure it is necessary to add the cost of the pin installation service - from 600 to 3000 rubles ( depending on the version of the product).

How much does it cost to build canines

Today, the number of people wishing to grow fangs increases, the overwhelming majority among them is that the representatives of the society are ready. Dentists are ready to offer two ways of recreating artificial canines:

  1. klyky Applying a canine .The process is similar to nail extensions. In this case, light-curing material is used, which is applied in the required amount to the previously sharpened tooth. This method is considered more gentle by dentists, since the original shape of the tooth can still be returned, although it can not be completely healthy afterwards.
  2. Crown Forming .This technology involves the installation of a crown in the form of a canine. In this case, the tooth can no longer be "worn out" and return its original appearance.

It should be noted that not every can breed canines - there are some contraindications, among which the first place is occupied by an incorrect bite of the patient.

The cost of the procedure is 2500-5000 rubles .

Therefore, the cost of tooth restoration services is determined by the dentist at the time of consultation. The specialist individually prepares the work plan, together with the patient chooses the appropriate method, materials, determines the scope and timing of the events.