Adhesive for dental prostheses: korega cream or other gel for fixation?

Cream for fixing dentures When making a choice in favor of certain dentures, patients pay special attention only to the aesthetic component of the issue, neglecting the type of fixation of the product. This is a gross error. After all, the attractiveness of false teeth, undoubtedly, fades into the background if they are constantly striving to "run away."

It is for this reason that much attention is now paid to improving the technique of fixing prostheses. For this purpose, special locks on structures, clasps or glue, which is most popular today, can be used.

The consumer market of the country offers a huge selection of tools for fixing false teeth. Among the most famous items to date, the product of the German company - cream Korega.


  • Composition and pharmacological action of the cream
  • Application instructions for the adhesive
  • Side effects and contraindications
  • Which cream for fixing dentures is better?
  • Price for various products
  • Komega pills - what is it?
  • From the patients' revi

The composition and pharmacological action of the

cream The manufacturer presents several types of products to the attention of the consumer. The main ones are the cream "Extrasilic fixation" and Kerega "Neutral".The composition of all preparations includes approximately the same components:

  • salt of methylenvenylethymalic acid;
  • adhesive for dentures petrolatum;
  • paraffin in liquid form;
  • menthol;
  • gum;
  • silicon;
  • zinc( in very low concentration);
  • menthyl;
  • dyes and flavors.

The Körega glue helps fix the denture, taking up all the free space between the structure and the gums. The product prevents the ingestion of food residues under the product, reducing the risk of tissue injury, and also removes inflammation and irritation of the gums during the wearing of orthopedic products.

Application instructions for

adhesive When using the medical device, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • , before applying the compound to the structure, it should be freed from all kinds of contaminants: food residues and glue, plaque - for this purpose, you can use a conventional cotton swab or specialbrush;
  • cream application regimen wash the product under water;
  • we apply the cream with a dotted line along the length and in the depressed portions of the prosthesis;
  • apply the design to the gums and press the seconds well for 20;
  • exclude the ingestion of food and liquids within 15-20 minutes after the installation of the product;
  • the glue in the tube must be tightly closed, because the composition dries very quickly;
  • if by the time the prosthesis is removed the design is still tight against the gums, it should be left overnight, and another time, apply a smaller cream.

Side effects and contraindications

The use of a fixative cream usually does not cause side effects. In rare cases, there may be increased salivation, nausea, as well as a violation of taste perception. Very rarely, a local allergic reaction is activated.

Among the contraindications to the use of Körega cream should be noted only the individual intolerance of the ingredients. The glue can be used for pregnant and lactating, also the use of the drug with other medicines is not contraindicated. Exceptions are food additives with zinc.

What kind of cream for fixing dentures is better?

To date, the greatest competition is observed between the five manufacturers of creams for prostheses. With the product of one of them we have already familiarized ourselves, we will make a brief comparative analysis of the preparations.

Despite the popularity of the product, Krega cream does not lead a group of its counterparts. The drug, undoubtedly, copes with its primary task - fixes the prosthesis, but only the remnants of food still penetrate the product, delivering discomfort.

The following tools are also on the market:

  1. Glue produced by the famous company Lakalut has its own "chip" - the composition of the drug includes aluminum lactate, a substance of excellent anti-inflammatory effect. Cream Proteix for fixing removable dentures In addition, the cream, unlike most analogues, can be applied to the wet surface of the orthopedic structure.
  2. The same advantage has the fixing composition Protefix .
  3. Gel for fixing ROKS is a product of Russian-Swiss production. The product surprisingly quickly "grasps" and dries, which helps to save time and avoid excess glue when used.
  4. Clay Fidient bypasses its competitors in price, in addition, it has a decent quality. Of the minuses, we can note only a short period of fixing the prosthesis - from 10 to 12 hours.

Price for various products

The price index often becomes decisive when choosing a fixing cream for prostheses. The table below shows the average cost of the drugs compared:

Name of the product Average price in Russia, rubles
Korega from 200
Lakalyut from 250
Protex from 160
Roks from 250
Fitident from 150

Korega tablets - whatthis?

The korega tablets, containing active ingredients in their composition, are used for cleaning and disinfection of orthopedic structures. The remedy allows to eliminate food residues in hard-to-reach places, where mechanical cleaning is powerless. Körega tablets for cleansing dentures

Provided the tablets are regularly used, the life of the products is guaranteed, as well as the preservation of the original color of the prosthesis.

In addition, the drug helps to reduce irritation of the oral mucosa while wearing a removable product.

Before using Korega tablets, you should clean the prosthesis of plaque and food debris. Then the structure must be lowered into the solution with the medicine( one tablet of the drug dissolves in one glass of warm water).

We leave the false teeth in the composition for 15 minutes for cleaning. If it is necessary to sterilize the product, leave it in the solution overnight. After the procedure is completed, a "removable smile" is washed under running water and dried. The drug should not be used for the treatment of orthopedic structures directly in the oral cavity.

The product is available in a package of 30 pieces. The average price for tablets in the country varies within the from 230 to 250 rubles .

From the feedback of the patients

To make it easier to make a choice, we recommend that you study the consumer feedback on various means for fixing dentures.

Six months ago I tried to use Kerega gel to fix the false jaw. The drug left mixed impressions. The prosthesis is kept fairly well for the first 4-5 hours, then the glue needs to be used anew, because there is a gap between the prosthesis and the gum, into which food then enters.

In addition, apply the cream only on a dry surface. Not always there is time for carrying out all necessary manipulations. The consumption of the drug is also quite large - I only had one tube for 2 weeks.

There is also a positive moment - after several days of using the drug the gums ceased to be irritated and inflamed.

Anatoly, 65 years old

For a year now I wear a prosthesis on 6 upper teeth. So much namuchalas with it! The product literally slipped from the surface of the teeth. Familiar in response to my complaints advised to use a fixing gel for dentures Protefics. I am very pleased with the drug.

The prosthesis is always in place, I do not even feel it in my mouth. I eat with pleasure, food under the design does not fall at all. The glue can fix the false teeth for 2 days, but I'm used to taking the prosthesis every night before going to bed, so I deliberately use a little less cream.

Alexandra, 54 years old

My mother has not parted with a denture for a long time. Recently, she had to remove the tooth, for which, in fact, kept the design. After that, the prosthesis began to wear quite uncomfortable - he was constantly hanging out. The dentist recommended fixing cream Lakalyut.

To be honest, we reacted to this advice of the doctor skeptically, but still acquired the remedy. The first use of the cream led mom to delight. She really liked the light, minty taste of the glue and its tremendous efficiency.

Now mother can enjoy a shish kebab and fresh cucumbers.

Zinaida, 35 years

The choice of a fixing cream for prostheses is a very individual matter. However, whatever means you like, it is important that the drug really reliably fixes the product in the oral cavity, ensuring comfortable wearing of the structures, and also perceived by your body without any side effects.