The use of Israeli implants Mis in modern prosthetics of teeth

Implants of mis People are no longer afraid of going to the dentist, the fear of denture is now a thing of the past. Over time, all sorts of plug-in devices in the form of jaws fell into the background.

Implant implantation has been expanding ever since for several years. In certain countries, there are even laws that imply the imposition of responsibility on the dentist, if he instead of implants offered the patient some other method of prosthetics.

In dentistry, implantology is considered to be the most developed branch. Under implantation is meant the installation of a titanium pin with a thread on the place of the lost molar tooth, on which the enameled crown is placed under the color of the remaining teeth.


  • The Israeli company Mis
  • The production capacities and equipment
  • Technological features
  • The process of implantation
  • The complex of advantages
  • The opinion of ordinary people
  • The cost of the installation

The Israeli company Mis

The Israeli company Mis began its work in 1995 and for the last twenty yearsEnter the top ten most popular systems used in the field of dental implantation. This company covers a significant part of the implant manufacturing market directly in Israel.

In addition to the plant in Israel itself, several enterprises operate in Germany and France. The common name Medical implant system is a very successful commercial project. Today the company produces about one and a half million products per year.

This indicator can be called relatively high, given the fact that most of the leading manufacturers in the world market started in the 60's and 70's.

Many people are interested in how Mis implants have gained such popularity in such a short period of time? It's all about the excellent ratio of the cost and quality of products. In addition, a wide range of implants has been developed for a variety of clinical situations.

Capacities and equipment manufactured by

The production base of Mis Corporation is located in Israel, Germany, France. Implants and special orthopedic prostheses mis accessories are manufactured in the Israeli shop. For the production of these products, high-tech metalworking machines of the ORNOS company are used.

The developments of the corporation "MIS" are a good example of a harmonious combination of innovative technologies and a finely organized analysis of the existing known experience of manufacturing specific products. The Research Center is organized specifically to develop new experimental samples. The database contains information from all the world's leading clinics and laboratories.

The new models are manufactured taking into account the received information in such a way that the negative factors that may arise during installation are not manifested.

The system by which quality control of products is carried out involves the use of high-precision Mitutoyo equipment, the measurement accuracy of which is 0.025 microns.

The equipment providing high accuracy of quality control of implants is regularly improved and updated so that dentists working with MIS products and patients are fully satisfied with the properties of the prosthesis.

In Russia, the official representative of the implantation system MIS is the company Liment.

Technological features of

Mis implants are a combination of technologies tested by years of operation, with modern breakthrough innovations based on research in this field of advanced dental institutions around the world. Also the manufacturer independently is engaged in expansion of own research base.

The company has been working for more than 20 years in the field of studying various problems that modern stomatology has to deal with.

Advanced world dental publications regularly publish the results of studies conducted by specialists of this corporation. The company always takes part in the meeting of international assemblies, and also sponsors these sessions, symposiums and congresses.

As a result of independent research, the high quality of the products was repeatedly confirmed. Mis implants during such inspections show one of the highest results among competitors.

Rulers of Israeli implants

Rulers of Israeli implants Miss

Main features of Mis implants:

  1. For manufacturing, a titanium alloy is used, developed especially for medical purposes. Due to the quality of the material, it is ensured good engraftment and easy installation.
  2. High quality materials that are used in production, reduce the duration of the implantation procedure. At the same time, the bone tissue is minimally traumatized.
  3. The surface of the implant is sandblasted with additional oxygen etching. As a result, the implant fuses better with the bone.
  4. Due to the absence of any components in the form of external finishing, the patients will not show an allergic reaction.
  5. Improving the quality of fixation of the installed implant and the ability to select a suitable device depending on the characteristics of the jawbone is provided by uneven threading on the surface.
  6. Regardless of the state of bone tissue in a particular patient, titanium implants can be used when performing one or more of the steps necessary for a normal implantation procedure.
  7. Each item has a serial number, as well as information about the manufacturer. This marking is considered a guarantee of the quality of the products. The information indicated on the implant is entered in the patient's medical record.
  8. The lifespan of such implants can be unlimited if the patient follows the recommendations of the dentist without fail.
  9. It should also be remembered that the aesthetic appeal of such prostheses is at the highest level.
Specification of implants

Specification of prostheses Mis

Implantation process

First of all, the implant specialist performs the procedure for a complete examination of the oral cavity. After the diseased teeth are identified, their treatment or removal is performed.

Based on the results of the survey, a suitable version of the implants is selected. If necessary, a procedure is performed to build up the bone tissue on the jaw.

The implantologist also makes a kind of template for the future dental crown, and then sends the data to the laboratory to make the prosthesis. After the prosthesis is made, the procedure for implanting the titanium pins into the dental holes is performed.

The procedure is performed using anesthesia, so the patient will not experience any pain.

Complex of advantages of

The use of Mis implants gives the following advantages:

  • in the manufacturing process uses a high-quality titanium alloy, which provides a high probability of compatibility with bone tissue;Denture
  • implantation process in bone tissue does not take much time if we compare MIS prostheses with other brands;
  • thoughtful design makes it possible to perform the installation procedure with minimal damage to bone tissue;
  • titanium roots are applicable in situations where the so-called express installation is performed, as well as implantation in the classical way;
  • products are marked with individual serial numbers, which are indicated in the medical record of each patient;
  • compared to other implants, the products have an almost unlimited operational period;
  • these prostheses have almost no contraindications to the installation.

These are the main advantages of MIS dental prostheses, and many patients remain satisfied with the quality of Israeli implants and leave only positive responses about them.

To disadvantages of such systems, first of all, it is necessary to attribute a relatively high cost. However, if we take into account the high quality of products, there is no doubt that the price may not be justified.

The opinion of ordinary people

Mis implants are deservedly popular and in demand, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of patients of dental clinics.

Recently installed two Mis implants. A suitable clinic and specialist had to choose a very long time, I wanted to find the person who would like to entrust conducting such a responsible operation. Thanks to the high professionalism of the implantologist, the procedure went without any difficulties. At first it was exciting, but then everything settled. Now I am completely happy, I have been using the fifth month.

Galina, Sverdlovsk

Has installed itself an implant Mis about six months ago. Value for money I completely satisfied. The installation went somehow unnoticed. The dentist did everything neatly and correctly, stitched, instructed about the implant operation and sent home. In the healing process, there were absolutely no complications.

Oksana, Moscow

Cost of installation

Let's get acquainted with the average prices for implants Mis Seven( the most popular ruler): Modern dental prosthetics

  • installation taking into account the cost of the product - 21 000 rubles;
  • disclosure - 1800 rubles;
  • installation of a device for the formation of gums - 1300 rubles;
  • installation of the implant with allowance for prosthetics - 37 000 rubles;
  • removal - 8500 rub.

This is the average price for Russia, which can vary depending on the clinic and the level of professional training of an implantologist.