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sgs implants Human teeth can not recover. In place of lost molars, new ones will never appear again. This is an objective reality, forcing doctors to look for specific methods of solving this very difficult issue.

To date, everyone has the opportunity to replace lost teeth with prosthetics. Implantation is considered one of the best methods of qualitative restoration of lost molars.

A special pin with a thread is inserted into the jaw bone, to which the tooth crown is subsequently fixed. This technique is very popular today.


  • Swiss implant system SGS
  • Types of products
  • What technologies are used?
  • installation process What are the advantages of Swiss products?
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  • What will the treatment cost?

Swiss implantology system SGS

Today, every qualified dentist can assert without any doubt that the Swiss implant SGS is indeed one of the best in the world. The company produces reliable and high-quality implants with high strength characteristics, thanks t

o numerous studies, as well as perfect discoveries in the field of dentistry.

The Swiss company was founded in 2007 and has now launched its branches in more than 140 different countries around the world.

The company is considered by right one of the most respectable international inspection organizations, an approved leader and an active innovator in issues related to testing, qualified examination, product quality control and certification. The technical base in our country implies the use of advanced technologies in the field of dental prosthetics.

The company delivers its products to the Russian market relatively recently, however, during this period the SGS brand products already had many admirers.

Swiss GHS implants are widely distributed throughout the world, because they are distinguished by a sufficiently high level of reliability, the duration of the operational period. With careful handling, such implants can last a long time.

The main features of SGS Dental Systems include: SGS Dental Systems

  • the possibility of a uniform distribution of physical activity during chewing food;
  • procedure of prosthetics takes very little time;
  • is quite a high level of biological compatibility;
  • the minimum probability of rejection;
  • is a fairly large range of products;
  • implantation can be performed in one or more stages;
  • as the coating is used substance "Bionite".

SGS manufactures screw and conical implants. All models are designed in such a way that it is possible to achieve compliance with certain aesthetic and design features.

Types of products

SGS implants are on the market:

  • screw implant series P1( Pr) BONITex premium;
  • conical P7( Pr) BONITex premium;
  • integrated P9S( thin);
  • integrated implant P7S.

In most situations, patients are confused when it is necessary to choose a system among all the variety of products offered.

In fact, this is a very difficult question, because literally all existing systems perform their functions efficiently enough. At the same time it is rather difficult to understand some of the features of the products provided by implant manufacturers of individual brands.

Swiss Implants

What technologies are used?

SGS screw and conical products are developed in Budapest, as well as in Hungary. To produce them, high-tech biocompatible titanium-based alloys of the highest grades are used. The use of such high-quality materials literally excludes the possibility of rejecting established structures.

In a specially equipped laboratory DOT, organized in Germany, processing of products related to the Premium series is carried out. The developed design is applied with a special BONIT coating, which promotes an increase in biological compatibility with bone tissue and improves fixation.

The whole process involves preliminary cleaning in a special ultrasonic bath, then electrochemical treatment is carried out. When the coating is applied, the implants must be dried. Quality control of manufactured products is carried out at each stage of production.

Installation process

installation of dental prosthesis First of all, the implantologist has to conduct a thorough examination of the oral cavity of the patient. For a full-fledged picture, a modern three-dimensional roentgenogram and a special surgical template are being developed.

Implantation is performed under anesthesia, so the patient generally will not feel anything. First, in the soft tissues of the mucosa located on the jaw, a special incision is made, after which a small depression is created.

Then there is a procedure for implantation of the implant, on the upper part of which a cap is fixed specifically so that it does not overgrow with tissues. After that, the wound is sutured, and after a few weeks the stitches are removed. With the classical implantation technology, after the completion of the three-month period, the next stage of setting the gingiva former begins. This element is installed on the intraosseous side.

What are the advantages of Swiss products?

The list of the main advantages of the implant structures manufactured by the Swiss manufacturer SGS include:

  • use of advanced technologies for threading, - the fixing strength and high quality of the product are provided due to this innovation;
  • denture is almost always cured except for certain existing contraindications;sgs p1
  • the organization takes care of almost every client, so taking into account the many individual characteristics of patients, a fairly wide range of products is manufactured;
  • in the range also includes small implants, the size of which is from 3 to 6 mm;
  • for selection of clients a rather extensive list of abutments and various gum synthesizers is provided;
  • implant structures are made of sufficiently high-quality reliable materials, which, when interacting with bone tissue, get well enough;
  • as a coating uses a specific substance called "Bonit";
  • each manufactured product has its own certificate;
  • operations can be performed in several stages;
  • implant coating helps accelerate the healing process.

The most popular is the product of a conical shape called Screw tape. Such an implant can be reliably fixed even on a small bone. The entire system is installed quickly and efficiently, thanks to the doubled thread design.


Patient reviews of dental clinics that have been installed by Swiss implants SGS.

Has recently installed Swiss implants. The quality of dentures is so far satisfied. The installation procedure did not take much time. The surgeon performed his job famously.

Ekaterina, Donetsk

I have been using Swiss implants for several years. So far, there have been no problems. However, I try to use the prosthesis carefully. Time will show what these adaptations are suitable for.

Denis, Omsk

What will the treatment cost?

Many are interested in the cost of implantation services in Russia. The price of SGS implants depends solely on the shape, diameter and thread design. The cost of various models of GHS implants:

  • Series P1( Premium) - 5000 rubles;
  • Series P9S - 5700 rubles;
  • Series P7( Premium) - 4,500 rubles;
  • Series P7S - 5700 rubles.

Swiss quality

This is the average cost of implants in the Russian market of dental services, not counting the work of a specialist. The cost of prostheses can vary depending on the structure and size of the products manufactured.