How to choose an irrigator fluid? What should I look for when buying?

Irrigator fluid Toothbrushes and threads( flosses) can not completely clean the oral cavity. And to care for orthodontic structures, they do not often fit.

In such a situation, the irrigator, a device designed to clean the oral cavity and the surface of the teeth, will help. The essence of the irrigator is to use a jet of liquid under strong pressure, which cleans the mouth and the dentition from bacteria. It effectively cleans dental structures and removes plaque from the teeth, including the old one.

For the best result instead of water, you can use a special liquid for the irrigator. They can be bought in the store or made at home.

Due to the composition of the solution, it is possible not only to perform qualitative cleaning of the oral cavity, but also to give the procedure a therapeutic effect, for example, antiseptic and wound healing.


  • A wide range of therapeutic e
  • Kinds of solutions
  • Best liquids
  • How to use
  • Price policy

A wide range of therapeutic effects

A properly selected solution for the irrigator will help prevent many pathologies that are associated with the destructive effect of bacteria deposited on teeth and gums.

The most common dental disease is caries. To prevent its development, the solution should be selected by irrigation solution together with a physician. It is not easy to choose the liquid for the irrigator independently, as there are concentrates for bleaching enamel, refreshing the breath and treating dental diseases.

Each of the solutions is designed for specific purposes, so it is better to consult a specialist.

If there are no pathologies in the oral cavity, then you can limit yourself to choosing a universal preventive solution. It is designed for simple rinsing of the oral cavity and is suitable as the main fluid for the irrigator.

Special irrigational solutions for rinsing steel are so popular due to the wide-ranging effect:

  1. Antiseptic .Irrigation solutions contain special ingredients, which reduce the degree of inflammation, and destroy pathogens. The effect remains for 2-3 hours or until the first meal, after which you can again use the device.
  2. Medicinal .Concentrates intended for the irrigator, activate the process of remineralization, prevent the formation of caries and protect the gums. Achieved the therapeutic effect, mainly due to fluoride and calcium, which are part of most liquids.
  3. Preventative tool .Special mouthwashes can improve the nutrition of the gums, thereby stimulating the metabolic processes inside the soft tissues. They become more resistant to bacteria and less likely to develop various pathologies.

Kinds of solutions

Instead of a solution with medicinal and preventive properties, you can use ordinary water. It removes plaque no less qualitatively, but does not have antiseptic and refreshing effect.

There are three main types of fluid for oral irrigation:

  • professional solutions;
  • household fluids;
  • home-made concentrates.

Professional varieties of solutions are used by dentists in hospital settings. Usually they are used before and after the operation, as well as for the treatment of certain dental pathologies.

Donfil solution Sometimes professional concentrates for irrigators combine with physiotherapy procedures. There are such funds from components( miramistine, potassium citrate, etc.) with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and trophic( nutrition) -exposed effects.

Household fluids, as the name implies, are used in everyday life. They are produced by well-known companies that specialize in hygiene products. Such solutions are sold in pharmacies and household chemical shops. They are divided according to their composition into such types:

  • solutions based on fluoride strengthen the surface of the teeth;
  • the means reducing bleeding gums, are applied at treatment of a parodontitis;
  • for sensitive teeth use concentrates with antiallergic composition;
  • in order to eliminate the unpleasant odor, solutions based on deodorant substances are used.

Home preparation products have not such a professional composition as the first 2 categories, but also effectively help to remove inflammation and fight against bloom.

You can prepare the solution by following these recipes:

  • 0,5 tsp.soda and salt( preferably sea), fill it in a glass with water( 250 ml) and add 1-2 drops of iodine.
  • 1 tbsp.l.hydrogen peroxide add in 100 ml of water.

In both cases, the prepared solutions are well mixed before use. If it is necessary to get a larger amount of the drug, you should focus on the indicated ratios, for example, add not 1 tbsp.l.peroxide, and 2 to 200 ml of water.

The best liquids

Household solutions can be found in virtually any store. They are represented by a large assortment. The best effect is the following balms for the irrigator:

  1. Iris is one of the most popular varieties of concentrate for irrigators. It contains menthol, therefore Balm Iriks breath remains fresh for a long time. The constant use of Irics will prevent the formation of caries and stop bleeding gums. An important advantage of the solution is the absence of foam during the irrigation procedure.
  2. Donfil is produced for both preventive and therapeutic purposes as a means of regular use. Created balm on a natural basis. Among the main components can be distinguished melissa, mint, chamomile, St. John's wort, echinacea and calendula. The main advantage of the concentrate is the absence of alcohol in the composition, so that it can be used even by children.
  3. Albatent refers to a means with a universal effect. Apply it for prevention and as a means of regular use. Concentrate Albadent allows you to remove inflammation, reduce the sensitivity of teeth, stop bleeding gums, strengthen enamel and freshen breath.
  4. Liquid Asepta is used primarily for irrigators with a wide range of functions. It consists of components that can qualitatively eliminate deposited plaque and remove inflammation. Aspeth is often bought as a remedy for tartar. At the early stages of their development, the remedy helps most effectively.
  5. Professor Persin is created on the basis of medicinal herbs and does not contain fluorine. It can be used daily as a prophylaxis of gingivitis and caries. In the presence of foci of inflammation, the agent quickly eliminates them and accelerates the regeneration process.

Concentrate of Albadent

How to use

solution for oral cavity When using liquids for their intended purpose, they are simply diluted according to the attached instructions and filled into the irrigator.

Most kinds of solutions for irrigators can be used without the device as an oral rinse. The only point to which you need to pay attention before applying is compliance with the instructions. Solutions are predominantly created in the form of concentrates, so it is often necessary to dilute them with water.

Before using solutions it is necessary to pay attention to such nuances:

  • virtually all concentrates should be diluted with water 1:10;
  • you can carry out the procedure every day;
  • solution can be used to rinse the mouth without an irrigator, the duration of the procedure is 1 minute;
  • concentrate concentrate should be in the same ratio as when pouring into the irrigator.

Price policy

The cost of solutions varies from 200 to 500 rubles. For example, you can quote the prices of well-known brands: Professor Persin

  • Donfil 350 ml - 200-250 rubles;
  • Professor Persin 500 ml - 450 rubles;
  • Iris 300 ml - 450-500 rubles;
  • Asepta 250 ml - 400-450 rubles;
  • Albadent 400 ml - 250 rub.

You can charge the irrigator with plain water, but a much better effect will be if you add a special solution to the tank. Thanks to its effect, it will be possible not only to remove plaque, but also to freshen breath, remove inflammation and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration.

You can buy the concentrate in a pharmacy or a household chemical store. If desired, it is elementary prepared at home from components that can be found in any kitchen.