Fissurite - one of the best materials for sealing fissures

Fissurit Fissurit( Fissurit) is a light-cured sealant of white color, which is increasingly used for dental purposes.

Due to its composition, this material is well combined with any kind of enamel and does not give out its presence after application to fissures. It is fairly easy to use with the help of special syringes of small size.

The main purpose of Fissurit application is fissure sealing, sealing of tooth enamel damages, qualitative fixing of various orthodontic devices, creation of a protective layer for cement or plastic fillings, as well as restoring the normal state of the seals themselves after their damage.


  • Composition and form of
  • Material properties
  • Application objectives
  • How

is used Composition and form of

For sale Fissurit is a mixture of low viscosity that is found in special small syringes. To the syringes are attached various tips, differing in length and shape. In packages they can be 20 pieces.

There are several varieties of

this remedy: Fissurit F and FH.Both variants contain fluorine in their composition, but the FH version has a large amount of special filler( here it is more than 50% of the composition).

Material properties

The sealant, which is present in the Fisurite composition, after application to the tooth enamel acquires an appearance almost indistinguishable from the Sealant for fissures tooth itself.

After appropriate dental treatment, it quickly hardens, forming a strong protective layer for the teeth, preventing the appearance of caries on them, accumulation of dirt in small fissures.

Due to the presence of fluorine, the pad from such material takes on the effect of the most aggressive substances contacting the teeth, which additionally keeps them from rapid destruction.

The purposes of application

Fissurit is actively used for the solution of the following dental tasks:

  • qualitative sealing of fissures on enamel;
  • sealing of baby teeth;
  • sealing of carious cavities;
  • recovery of damaged seal;
  • to protect seals from some relatively soft materials from moisture and other destructive factors;
  • fixation of orthodontic medical devices;
  • restoration of damaged enamel and other tasks.

How to use

The technology of application of this tool requires great accuracy and accuracy, which is why the material is used only in a dental clinic.

The dentist must adhere to the following sequence of actions: Fissure sealing

  1. First, the enamel must be thoroughly cleaned from any contaminants to a natural white color. Then it is washed and well dried.
  2. Next, you need to perform an etching. For this, a special solution is applied to the tooth with a brush, which is held there for 15-20 seconds and carefully cleaned. The tooth is washed again and well dried.
  3. Only now the dentist can start using Fissurit, squeezing the material through the syringe to the right place. The finished coating must be polymerized, as well as thoroughly polished.

If the tooth surface is not completely dried before treatment, this increases the likelihood of poor sealing of the applied sealant.

If the surface of the enamel after etching is contaminated, this will affect the adhesion of the material. With the help of special bonding, it is possible to make the adhesion normal.

Do not put a fissure under a permanently operating light( operating lamp), otherwise its polymerization will start ahead of time. All work must be done with preliminary fluorination. So you can protect the tooth from the development of caries.

As for the cost of this material, it is in the region of 38-40 dollars for one package.