Glass ionomer filling material Ketak Molar

ketak molar Ketak Molar is a cement used in dentistry for the restoration of chewing teeth, provided with several colors.

Glass ionomer filling material has a soft and gentle effect on the filled cavity, ideal for sealing baby teeth.

Ketac Molar Powder is produced in a bottle of 15 grams, 10 grams of dilution liquid and a special measuring spoon are supplied.

Due to the granular structure, the filling material of this brand ensures the accuracy of the dosage, which allows mixing a homogeneous solution.


  • Advantages over competitors

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    • Hardening stages
    • Sealing process features
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    • Storage conditions and expiration dates

Advantages over competitors

Advantages of cement Ketak Molar over analogous substances:

  1. Prolonged excretionfluorine. If to explain in simple words, then this material absorbs ions F from the toothpaste, if the environment around is acidified, and then
    these ions are released into surrounding tissues.
  2. Radiopaque.
  3. Has a strong connection with the changed dentin. In this case, the possibility of infection with bacteria is negligible, micro-leakage is minimal.
  4. Bending strength, compression. The material withstands serious daily loads - chewing. The risk of chipping is minimal.
  5. Dense edge fit.
  6. Fast and easy to prepare cement.
  7. Easy dosing.
  8. Used economically.

ketac molar easymix Powder is available in the form of granules, this ensures the accuracy of measuring the required dose, allows you to mix a uniform consistency. The powder quickly absorbs the dilution liquid, which reduces the risk of smearing the specialist's workplace, surprising simplicity of mixing. Compared with analogues, the dust remains from Ketak Molar much less.

Glass ionomer powders from other manufacturers harden during storage, do not evenly dispense. With the Ketac filling material, this does not happen. If the norms and rules of storage are observed, the granules do not change their properties.

The liquid of traditional glass ionomer cement for sealing is absorbed slowly, mixing is difficult because of this.

Ketac Molar liquid is absorbed quickly, it is easier to knead.


Glass ionomer is used for the following purposes: Caries of the root

  • with minimally invasive therapy;
  • is used to fill the caries of the root of the tooth;
  • is used for sealing temporary baby teeth;
  • to fill the groove of the chewing teeth, which does not allow food to enter, prevents the development of caries;
  • for the installation of permanent seals;
  • for stump superstructure.

Breeding step

Before use, the bottle should be shaken thoroughly. Dilute one drop of granulated cement with one drop of mixing liquid. Stir for 30 seconds.

Use the drug in the first 3 minutes from the beginning of the preparation. Before solidification of the substance takes 5 minutes from the beginning of the batch. At temperatures above 23 degrees, the curing time decreases. There should be no interruption between mixing and cementing, otherwise the application will become difficult or even impossible.

Hardening steps

The hardening of the glass ionomer filling material occurs in three steps: Dental cement mixing

  1. Ion-forming stage or dissolution stage .The reaction of acid with a layer of glass particles occurs, cations of calcium, aluminum, and fluorine are formed.
  2. Gel formation or hardening stage .Molecules of polyacids are bonded to themselves by ions of aluminum, calcium. The pH of the filling material is increased. Poly-acid molecules are converted into a gel.
  3. Full hardening .

Features of the sealing process

Instructions for use Ketak Molar:

  1. The first stage - excision with the help of dental equipment of the damaged hard part of the tooth .Healthy dentin is retained due to retention properties with tooth tissues. The minimum layer of glass ionomer in the circular ligament of the tooth should be at least 0.5 mm. When processing deep areas, the cement layer is laid not less than 1.0 millimeter, and the bottom of the cavity is covered with calcium hydroxide.
  2. Cleaning .When the preparation is completed, the cavity is washed with a dental spray, the final stage of cleaning is air drying.
  3. Air conditioning .In order to have an ideal connection between the tooth tissue and the filling material, the cleared cavity is treated with an air conditioner for 30-40 seconds. Then rinse again, air drying. Do not overdry.
  4. Application of .It is impossible to delay, as the glass ionomer dries quickly, and after 5 minutes its application will be impossible.
  5. We protect the seals .Ketak Molar, like its analogs, is sensitive to overdrying and moisture during hardening, so all surfaces with applied material must be treated with Ketak Glaser, which is exposed to light curing for 10-15 seconds.
  6. Sealing polishing - the final stage. It is necessary to withstand 5 minutes after finishing the treatment. It is recommended to repeat the application of Ketak Glaser with subsequent light curing. Then the seal is treated with diamond boron, an abrasive disc.

Side effects of

Use ionomer with caution, as individual intolerance, sensitivity to certain components of the material is possible.

In case of an allergic reaction, the use of the material is discontinued, the patient is prescribed antihistamines for symptomatic relief. If the solution gets on the mucous membranes of the eye, they should be washed with a large amount of running water.

Purchase issue, similar to

Ketak Molar can be purchased at online stores, pharmacies, the price depending on the pharmacy varies from 2200-2800 rubles. It is possible to purchase a test kit of a small dosage:

  • 12.5 grams of granular powder A3 shade;
  • fluid, with a volume of 8.5 grams each;
  • notepad for mixing;
  • spoon-dispenser.

If for any reason it is not possible to purchase the material due to its absence in pharmacies, you can buy the equivalent - an identical preparation for the intended purpose, application, chemical composition. For example, dental cement Vitimer.

Storage conditions and expiration dates

Filling material In order for the product to retain its properties it must be stored in a dry place, the plugs must be tightly closed. After opening the package, the material is suitable for 4 months.

After expiration of the material, the material is discarded, its further use is impossible, in order to avoid side reactions. Store at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees, the place should be protected from direct sunlight.

If the storage conditions are not respected, the properties will be lost, the use of the material is impossible.